Friday, May 18, 2007

The Z- Visa , the Immigration bill from Chappaquiddick and the willing President Bush explained!

Teddy Kennedy  who was a bad student managed to graduate from Milton Academy Prep school in 1950 with a C average. Although Teddy was never a scholar, as his brother Jack once referred to him as "the gay illiterate".
Despite his terrible grades, Teddy was admitted to Harvard as a "legacy", because his older brothers and father had graduated from there with distinction.
Teddy blew it and was expelled from Harvard for cheating in Spanish during his Sophomore year. He had been failing Spanish he was and fearing it would keep him off the varsity football team,Ted  paid a friend to take the exam for him.
Ted's friend, however, was recognized when he turned in the exam book.   T
he Admiral of Chappaquiddick  was not successful when a student but he managed but he earned his Bars & Anchors at Chappaquiddick when he let Mary Jo KopechneMary Jo Kopechne drown after driving his car off theThe Dike Bridge at Chappaquiddick!Dike BridgeY Ted K - HOMEOf course he has his accomplices in the Media !  Now he is driving the GOP over the Political Bridge and will drown the United States because of his Immigration Scam he conned the President with.  Welcome to the United States of Mexico!  Spanish flunk out and cheater Admiral of Chappaquiddick has perfected his ability to when at cheating!  Of Course President Bush wanted to be Cheated because of his family's history of Mexico-philia, sister-in-law Columba and nephew George P Bush, who will become the first Presidente of America.  My previous Posts prove my point about President Bush's eagerness to get swindled by Admiral Kennedy!...

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