Thursday, May 17, 2007

'Z-Visa' Immigration Bill & GOP Senators are the old Don's. Mitt Romney is Zorro to the Rescue!

Gov. Romney's 'Z-Visa' comment from Hugh Hewitt's post dove tails nicely with the
Boston, MA - Governor Mitt Romney issued the following statement on today's U.S. Senate agreement on immigration reform:
"I strongly oppose today's bill going through the Senate. It is the wrong approach. Any legislation that allows illegal immigrants to stay in the country indefinitely, as the new 'Z-Visa' does, is a form of amnesty. That is unfair to the millions of people who have applied to legally immigrate to the U.S.
"Today's Senate agreement falls short of the actions needed to both solve our country's illegal immigration problem and also strengthen our legal immigration system. Border security and a reliable employment verification system must be our first priority."
Zorro comparison I made to him
& incidently Mitt has the looks to be Zorro as well!
Run Mitt Run to the Oval and take care of the Dons in the Upper and Lower Houses of Congress before Beslan Jihad Attackers come across the border with Mexico.
The Duka family entered the United States illegally through Mexico in October 1984, according to the sources. In 1989, Ferik Duka made an application for asylum with the Immigration and Naturalization Service and acknowledged the family's illegal entry into the country.


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