Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ron Paul needs and an Intervention and Rudy for Planned Parenhood

People like Ron Paul who place the blame for 911 on what we, Americans, have or have not done remind me of a Wife who blames herself for the beatings her husband gives her. It is pathetic and Suicidal. Ron Paul, like abused woman needs either Electroshock Therapy or an Intervention. Americans better wake up and smell the Coffee before Sharia Law takes it away from us! How is it that in the course of 100 years, during the Medieval Era, almost half the World became Islamic? isn't there a saying that goes "Cheat me once shame shame on you and cheat me twice shame on me"! I believe the Jihadists have been after us for a long time going back to the Reagan Era.....Marines in Lebanon! I would not let Ron Paul mow my Lawn and his running for the White House, the highest office in the land, is like those beaten wives who stay with their abusive husbands....pure LUNACY! Ron Paul Lunatic for President? Rudy the red-nosed President for Planned Parenthood! Run Matinee Mitt Run all the way to the Oval!
Dominus vobiscum


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