Monday, May 28, 2007

Legalization of Illegal Immigrants, Our Naked Emperors in DC & their Clueless & Dangerous Denial

I was speaking with Dean Barnett on Friday's Hugh Hewitt show about our Borders, the potential of Jihad entering into the USA thru them, its threat growing in Columbia and the lawless Tri-Border Area @ Brazil, Argentina & Paraguay and the Rise of Islam as one of the Fastest growing religions in South America.  One of several sources I reference was Al Qaeda in the Andes from the Jamestown Foundation, a Website also referenced by one of Hugh Hewitt's bloggers featured on his Counter Terrorism Vox Blogoli(which is great).  Interesting and Ironic that he asked for "Counter Terrorism experts" and the best submissions are from "Lay People"!  This article which features captured 15 Jihadists in 3 Spanish Cities today among them, Malaga which is 20 minutes from where my parents currently live, underscores what I and other callers have said on his show and have been blogging about. I have lots of articles that reference this problem that would be helpful in educating readers about the perils of this Immigration.  Spain is in big trouble because of the Liberal and Inclusive Mindset of its Government and the either the Naivete and/or Denial of its citizenry which allow for the spawning of Radical Jihadistic Islam underneath their noses. It is also happening in South America too. 
As far as the triggers and applications proposed by the proposed immigration bill Garbage enter into their unverifiable applications by the Illegals means potential Jihad with Diplomatic Immunity will spill out.  Our Leaders which suffer from the Syndrome of the Naked Emperor not wearing a stitch of clothing is beyond belief. 
In Catholicism a concept know as Sensus Fidei:
  • A supernatural appreciation of the faith (sensus fidei) shown by the universal consent in matters of faith and morals manifested by the whole body of the faithful under the guidance of the Magisterium.
The enlightened and insightful comments of Hugh Hewitt's readers and their lack of "governmental and counter terrorism credentials" and the paucity of true Counter Terrorism Experts' contributions to this Vox Bogoli prove that there is a similar Wisdom and Common Sense of the Ordinary Man existing amongst us Americans and the ones who need guidance are our hollow Emperors wearing no Cloths.   I fear for our Country and indeed the Occidental World please reader the links above and this article: Hezbollah builds a Western base From inside South America's Tri-border area, Iran-linked militia targets U.S
Source: CNS -
Dominus Vobisum

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