Friday, May 18, 2007

The New Immigration Bill has a big Gaping Eye Cut opened by Hewitt in his interview with Tony Snow!

Hugh Hewitt's interview(Transcript) with Tony Snow(Audio) was a prize match of verbal jousting.  A Mohammed Ali-Smokin' Joe Frazier Scorcher about the Torture in the new Immigration Bill.  This Thriller Interview was New Media at its best!  BRAVO Hugh, you were scoring combinations to the head against a very formidable former New Media Talk Show Host in the person of Press Secretary T.Snow! 
It was a congenial "WAKE up & Smell the Coffee" TKO.  Tony Snow has become the Administration's Guard Dog and Hugh Hewitt pushed back very very effectively as if working the body bag with great verbal blows to the body of this very flawed bill and the TKO "Sonny Liston" Head Shot was "who will review the the Background Checks" on the OTM's...."duh...duh...I haven't studied that yet"....  This is a Major Major defect and gives the OTM's(Other Than Mexicans...Jihadists) a leg up on the system before their cells are activated. 
Where is Our Man Flint when we need him and about 5,0000 Jack Bauers, 2,0000 James Bonds, 1000 Men from Uncle, 500 Agent Smiths, 100 Neos, 75 Die Hard-John McClanes and 50 Inspector Clouseaus and 5 Agents 86(Maxwell Smarts) and 'would you Believe' One Zorro as President....Matinee Mitt! 
Cheers Hugh Hewitt what a revealing interview with T. Snow as he could not T-Ball nor Snow you, New Media's CTU Man who in less than 24 minutes took him to the Mat!  I do not want Jihadistic Beslan and Fort Dix Martyrs to take out the Old Camino Real of Alta California aka US route 101
[El Camino Map]The history of El Camino Real and its bells, is quite interesting. At the same time that the American colonies were rebelling against England, a handful of Spaniards and Mexicans established outposts up the California coast. The first was established in 1769 at San Diego, when they established a fortress and a Franciscan mission. A footpath, called The El Camino Real, or Kings Highway, was created to connect the outputs. Each outpost, called a Mission, was situated in areas where large populations of Indians lived and where the soil was fertile enough to sustain a settlement. As time progressed and more Missions were built, the footpath became a roadway wide enough to accommodate horses and wagons. It was not, however, until the last Mission in Sonoma was completed in 1823, that this little pathway became a real route. From that point, a series of small self-reliant religious missions were established. Each was a day's travel apart and linked by El Camino Real, Overall, El Camino Real ("The King's Highway") linked 21 missions, pueblos and four presidios from San Diego to Sonoma.   
I want the Bush Administration and GOP to talk about a High and Thick Wall which protects all People of the Americas and indeed the Occidental World. The USA is the Economic and Democratic Engine of the World which Al Qaeda wants to take out using the Death by 1000 slashes! If Al Qaeda types, who try to blend in with Hispanics Illegals use C4 to take out San Onfre Power Plant creating a Chernobyl type Disaster....
not only will the GOP be in trouble but Mexico will get Nuclear Down Wind Fallout as will the US Southwest! Mexico's economy which is so dependent on Mexican Ex-patriot dollars fueling its economy will collapse because the Migrant Workers will die! A Great China Type Wall although not full proof makes it more difficult for the Terrorists and will help regularize the border!

Once this is done we can deal with regularizing the Illegal People and bring them in out of the "Shadows"! A Wall is a smart option but the MSM dictates the argument calling it Racist while the Administration is being lead by the nose and the GOP sounds like the Back-up singers!
I say, change the Argument like one does in front of a Jury!  Talk about the Fort Dix Six whose make up include 4 guys who crossed over in Brownsville Texas in 1984!
The Duka family entered the United States illegally through Mexico in October 1984, according to the sources. In 1989, Ferik Duka made an application for asylum with the Immigration and Naturalization Service and acknowledged the family's illegal entry into the country.
Conservatives need to have a better pitch than that old tired Racism thing and how about doing their Job and protect Americans' Interests before Illegals!  If a Nuclear Cloud smothers California Illegals Die Too! Hugh Hewitt Opened Up a Rocky Balboa sized cut on the Immigration Bill....BACKGROUND CHECKS!
Thanks for reading and Dominus Vobiscum

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