Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hugh Hewitt shows how the Z-Visa & the Immigration Bill is Vote Harvest for Immigrants desiring Amnesty to ESL

Too Hugh Hewitt:  Thanks for your dissection and Translation of the hieroglyphics in this Immigration Amnesty Program which is in the last lap of the Mile run and the Senators and Administration are in their final kick!   How is it that they Senate Leadership in D.C. can pass the Immigration bill but not fund our Troops who in essence are fighting and dying for these Illegals while the Defense Department is Pitching Pennies? DISGRACEFUL for the DC beltway Elites and Politicians pigging out of the trough of Potential Votes.  Teddy Kennedy,the Admiral of Chappaquiddick is lamenting the plight of illegals crossing in the desert.....well what about American Soldiers dying in the Arabian Dessert because equipment is getting old and needs repairs? However thanks to Ted et. al. the Soldiers' budget has been cut by him and his pals trolling for new votes.  Indeed new votes because Liberals haven't had babies, have aborted babies and thus have not raised childre who will replace their votes once they pass on to the next World and the separation of the Goats from the Sheep! 
As the son of Legal Immigrants from Spain,my father was a Physician came on to American on a J1 type Visa (not a Z-Visa) offered to M.D's by President Eisenhower for 5 years only in the 1950's and 60's.  In the 50's and 60's many Medical Schools were opened here to meet the baby boomer demand for Health Care so after 5 years the US made us go back to Spain even though my siblings and I were American born.  We went back so my parents and brothers could get in line for their Green Cards.  Currently La Raza and others are saying that the penalties outlined in the bill are too steep.  I am ashamed to be a Hispanic at the Present time.  Immigration works if it is enforced!
Did you notice on Fox News Sunday the subliminal jab at my Zorro, Gov. Romney by Chris Wallace?  He claimed that Matinee Mitt had flipped flopped on Immigration?  When in reality, Romney like you, me and Dean B. is a Moderate and recognizes that we need to regularize the illegals that are here but BUILD the WALL to stop More Fort Dix Jihadists.  I guess Wallace fears that Romney indeed has the Right Stuff to become the GOP's Zorro.  Matinee Mitt represents the best of America!  He is the kind of talent we want in Politics as he is smart, successful, polished, commanding, charming and educated!  The best People in American shy away from Politics because the Money is bad compared to the Private Sector and is scared off by the Microscopic Colonoscopy the Media performs on Conservative Politicos.  Romney is the Man and I believe has the Potential to be the GOP Champion just like the literary figure Zorro was in New Spain against the crooked Politicians from Spain and Mexico.  What about the FUNDS for our Men and Women fighting for Illegals...what about Bullets for them so they can pull the Triggers the Guns that kill Jihadists.  It is disgusting how these Politicians are salivating or new constituents.  They will sell their souls for votes so the Plutocracy can continue!  Keep them comfortable in their poverty!  
Thanks Hugh Hewitt for all you reading of this Dictionary on Amnesty cranked out by the US Senate and for fighting the GOOD FIGHT for Conservative Americans.  The Greek Triggers and Legalese in this Bill are daunting for average Americans! Like Hugh says BUILD the Wall and Plug the Hole before Jihad hits our Shores again!  Mitt Romney is Zorro for Conservative Americans!
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