Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day reminds me of why we are FREE

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I marvel at our Men and Women who VOLUNTEER to serve selflessly for the cause of Liberty in a far away and foreign land. These Soldiers are willing to give Life and Limb to protect our way of Life. What is it about the United States of America? Indeed it is the land of the Free and the home of the Brave. Would that our Governmental leaders elected by us understood the peril that we face from the Threat of World Wide Jihad to establish a Caliphate and destroy America the so Called Great Satan! These Men and Women Soldiers are Volunteering to fight against as ruthless an enemy we have ever faced in our 236 year. An enemy so cruel, deranged and misguided that worships death and believes that by killing us non-Muslims they will get a reward of perpetual virgins? What is in it for the so called "virgins". Our forces found a how to Torture guide books in Iraq in an Al Qaeda safe house.

Yet our Leaders in Washington took months to pass a funding bill for the bravest Americans who are fighting for our way of life. These hollow and deluded Washington insiders have been there living the good life for too long. It is easy for the likes of Senators Warner, Kerry, Kennedy, Byrd et. al. to blame everything on the President when this problem has be festering for decades. The pass a bill to fund the Military just prior to Memorial Day, a Holiday for our fallen Soldiers because the got to go home to face the Americans they represent.

Oh that a Jimmy Stewart's Mr. Smith would go to Washington and get these shallow Politicians under control. The entire lot especially those from the Democratic Party need to get voted from office. President Bush should had his head in shame for his role in pushing for a Paper Tiger Immigration bill that will let the same Monsters killing are Soldiers and Iraqis in the Middle East tap dance across our borders where they have set up camps and breeding grounds from which to strike at our Homeland!

Look with wonderment and pride at these VOLUNTEER Soldiers that keep AMERICA FREE in spite of the way our Elected Government treat them with disrespect. I Love our Military and I Thank you for your Sacrifice!

Why do they do this? Simple the Terrorists of Jihad have declared War on US! Wake up Washington Congressman/women and Senators or do us a favor RETIRE and go Home before you get us KILLED!


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