Monday, May 28, 2007

Powerlinerblog Gents are Modern Day Ben Franklins

Benjamin Franklin
The Powerlineblog Guys are not Bloggers, the coined term for People who have a Web Log.  They remind me of the Franklin Brothers, James and his apprentice brother Benjamin(under the pseudonym Silence Dogood) who were the Founders of The New England Courant.  This was truly the first Colonial Paper after Benjamin Harris' "Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick", was suppressed in 1690 after only one issue under a 1662 Massachusetts law that forbade printing without a license.  This is exactly what the Liberals in Congress, Dinosaur Networks and Paper Media Giants want to do to New Media types like the Three Scholars of Powerline. 
Dean Barnett is right, Blogging does not adequately describe this Trio of Renaissance Franklinesque men do. Powerline is New Media's "Pennsylvania Gazette", the News Paper Benjamin Franklin took over and transformed into an the Journalistic Catalyst that helped the Colonies unite against the Crown and gave voice to the quest for freedom from nonrepresentative Government and provided a vessel that helped create our system of Government by and for the People which the "old" journalistic guard would like to limit like the Crown did with the First American Newspaper killed after its first publication.  Ben Franklin could not be stopped and nether can this Trio of smart, well informed, capable and fearless Musketeers of New Media whose Journalistic lines are giving Powder back to us the American People..Congratulations and Thank you all for your hard work and inspiration to us "web loggers" to write and contribute to what Hugh Hewitt succinctly describes the New Information Reformation.  Felicitations and continued success and much praise for your amazing work which is much more in line and reminiscent of the American Journalistic Tradition founded by the great Ben Franklin in contrast to that created by the Paleolithic Dinosaurs of Old Media and its minions......  
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