Monday, June 25, 2007

Amesty equals NAFTA the child of Bush 41 & 42 why? It gives us access to Mex-Oil but problem Drugs is even a bigger Market & Mexico in midst of Narco Civil War!

Bush's father, George H. W. was the engine behind NAFTA w/ Ex. Presidedent Salinas, whose father knew 41 from the Zapata Oil Days before 41 got into Politics!
"Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and former Mexican
President Carlos Salinas joined Bush at the Ronald Reagan
International Trade Center in Washington, D.C., on December 9 to
celebrate the tenth anniversary of their signing of NAFTA.

Bush said he regarded the signing of NAFTA as one of the proudest
moments of his presidency. Rather than precipitating "a giant sucking
sound" of lost U.S. jobs, as some critics predicted, the agreement was
a "palpable step forward to greater prosperity and stability across
the region," the former president declared."

Here is what Dubya Bush said in 2000 while on campaign for GOP Nomination!
"Should I become president, I will look South, not as an afterthought, but as a fundamental commitment of my presidency. Just as we ended the great divide between East and West, so today we can overcome the North-South divide.
And the North American Free Trade Agreement promised to be a blueprint for free trade throughout the hemisphere.
But the promise of that moment has been squandered. The Clinton/Gore administration has had no strategy. We have seen summits without substance, and reaction instead of action. We were promised fast-track trade authority -- as every American president has had for 25 years. And yet this administration failed to get it. We were promised a Free Trade Area of the Americas."

Why so much Interest in Mexico? The Bush Presidents have both promised Mexico this and are most proud of their work in this area. Mexico has surpassed Japan has our 2nd largest trading partner. Second thing is that Mexico has oil and has to ship a good percentage of it to the States to refine it. That gives Us some control of it. We get most of our Imported Oil from Canada and Mexico(which has surpased Chavez' Venezuela as an importer to the US). Since Congress will not let us drill offshore(Like China is in the process of doing with Cuba 50 miles from Florida) nor in Alaska we must look to Mexico and Canada. So this is not a bad idea especially if Mexico goes consider that it could go Socialists like Bolivia, Venezuela & others in S.A.!
Problem is Mexico is a Narco-Democracy at War with itself. Thus NAFTA and Immigration illegal or legal is a "DOUBLE EDGED SWORD!" The drug Trafficers produce more money than Oil and as you know they have their own Armies!
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Blogger roderickdentist said...

how much narco vs petrol dollars?
thanks for your HH comments ,finally understood the disconnect of GWB Iraq vs US borders...I'm blocked from the HH comments sat. to present...DB says it's because of "twichy" software.

7:40 PM, June 27, 2007  

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