Monday, October 01, 2007

The Liberal and Salafists Mindset is a Clash with Tragic consequences for the West!

I been trying to understand why smart people like Thomas PM Barnett and Tim Weinert interviewed(see previous post for links) by Hugh Hewitt who are not able to intellectually zero in on the divide and incompatibility of Islmacists and Occidental Mindsets.  It is as if their "Liberal" mindset is as rigid as the Salafists'.  Of course they are not evil like the Salafists but they are devoted to their ideas even if it is to their detriment.  They are devoted to these ideals like the Religious are to their tenets.
Then you have the Salafists, who do not have the capacity to compromise, be Diplomatic and pluralistic as it does not compute in their rigid mindset which makes the Salafist hell bent on a World Wide Caliphate and the prize of "Paradise" if they achieve Martyrdom in pursuit of their Religiously inspired mandates to quash the Infidel.  How tragic and wrong how Liberal that these smart authors(Wiener & Barnett) do not understand the rigidity of thought embodied by the West's Salafist adversaries!
I think Wiener's and Barnett's ill conceived position and flawed logic is but a microcosm of the problem the Left has and sheds light on why Liberals are wrong on this issue. There's is wrong headed and suicidal thinking. They are rigid Idealists blinded by their elusive ideals that do not carry weight in the Islamacists' desire for a World Wide Caliphate.  It they will not listen to devout Moderate Muslims like Ayaan Hirsi Ali why do liberals think they will embrace the Liberal ways of Dialog and Diplomacy?

The Liberal and Salafists Mindset is a Clash with Tragic consequences for the West! 

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