Monday, October 01, 2007

Tim Wiener's "Legacy of Ashes" & Thomas PM Barnett's "Pentagon's New Map" vs Ayaan Hirsi Ali author of "Infidel"

Just finished listening to Hugh Hewitt's interview(scroll to #'s 5,6) with Tim Weiner of Legacy of Ashes on Town Hall. Although he is a very articulate, knowledgeable, interesting and informed guy he reminds me of the same wrong headed thinking Thomas PM Barnett, author of the acclaimed Pentagon's New Map (to hear Hugh Hewitt's interview with Barnett scroll to #73) is a victim of. They believe that the key to succeeding against this Jihad being waged against the West and in particular the United States of America has to due primarily with "Diplomacy,Foreign Image in the World and our 'Embattled' Prestige". Weiner and Barnett call it a "Battle of Ideas". Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! I wish it were that simple! To the Islamacists and there Jihadoterrorists Proxies it is about Eternity, Martyrdom and winning Paradise. It is Religion to these Misguided Fanatics who have been inculcated with this Virulent Strain of Salafist's Islam.

Our Occidental ways are "evil" and we are Infidels. This Islamic Religious Theocratic Ideology makes Hitler's Arianism and Tojo's militaristic and fanatical ultra-nationalistic Double Leaf Society, belief systems and aims seem like a trendy fads and child's play in spite of the Millions killed as a result of these two dictators.

The problem we face today is 1500 years old. If the Moderate Muslims can not Reform these Viral Strains of Salafistic Islam our Infidelic ideas of Diplomacy and PR will not. "Battle of Ideas" for Heaven's Sake the Iraqi People have been given Democracy, supposedly this the Elite's Ultimate Idea of Progress has been served on a Silver Platter and it's roots are so shallow in Iraq. President Bush has aimed the A-Bomb of Ideas in this Battle of them into the Heart of the Non-democratic Middle East. However, if the US Military and our Leaders go soft resorting to the "Diplomatic Ideals" and pull out the roots will DIE!

I heard Dennis Prager's interview of Ayaan Hirsi Ali on this issue and she said that the Quran & Hadith need to be edited and the Paradise Salafists' concepts needed to be taken out. According to her they have been written by Man and are ill Conceived.

Neither Barnett nor Weiner get it and should listen to Prager's Interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali (scroll down to #4). I wish someone would send it to these Misguided Authors whose Belief in Diplomacy and the UN Nonsense is as ill conceived and wrong headed as those of the Salafists. "Diplomactic" coexistance between the Salafists and the West is not a viable option for the Salafists as we, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, are the Infidels and it is that the bottom line. These Author's ideas are not Evil like those of the Salafist but simply Naive and will cause America to be DEFEATED and DESTROYED.....Salafists do not have the capacity to compromise, be Diplomatic and pluralistic as it does not compute in their rigid mindset which makes the Salafist hell bent on a World Wide Caliphate and the prize of "Paradise" if they achieve Martyrdom in pursuit of their Religiously inspired mandates to quash the Infidel. How tragic, wrong and how "Liberal"! These smart authors do not understand the rigidity of thought embodied by the West's Salafist adversaries.

I think Wiener's and Barnett's ill conceived position and flawed logic is but a microcosm of the problem the Left has and sheds light on why Liberals are wrong on this issue. This is wrong headed and suicidal thinking. They do not understand the Enemy!

Great Interview but Disturbing because someone as knowledgeable as Weiner does not see it. Keep up the great Graudate level Seminars Hugh Hewitt and maybe these people will wake up!

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