Friday, November 30, 2007

CNN has their History of Journalistic Katrinas as part of their Legacy

While the Landslide is happening with CNN's Katrina like Jounalistic Disasters throw onto the Heap "The News We Kept To Ourselves" By EASON JORDAN Published: April 11, 2003 about covering for Iraq's Saddam Hussein.  
Neither can we forget Crock New Nutters Michael Ware-Wolf's crack Journalism skills and Fourth Estate Virtues.  Perhaps these CNN episodes are worthy of revisiting?  Available for all from Wikipedia

Live by Google die by Google!...
Sniper video controversy
On October 18, 2006, CNN aired a small portion of a videotape sent to Ware which showed terrorist snipers shooting at and apparently killing American troops.[3] The video was a tape sent to CNN to which Ware added narration for the edited broadcast that showed American soldiers being stalked and eventually brought under fire by the terrorists. After the news report was shown, Press Secretary Tony Snow accused CNN of "propagandizing" the American public.[4]. Representative Duncan Hunter, then-chairman of the House Arme Services Committee asked Donald Rumsfeld to remove CNN embedded reporters following the airing of the news report,claiming that "C-N-N has now served as the publicist for an enemy propaganda film featuring the killing of an American soldier."[5]

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