Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hispanic Intifada.....I am not surprised at all!

I am all of you have heard of New Media, including Laura Ingraham, commenting on this Miami Herald Article "Angry migrant underclass might erupt in U.S.Indeed disturbing veiled threats about an Intifada but not surprising to this Blogger.  I wrote about this in March 2006 on the Ski Resort as MECHA and Aztlan groups recruited PLO operatives to help them style their subversive and anarchistic desires. This in a nutshell demonstrate the downside of Elites like Pres. W and "New World Order" types whose sin of omission on Immigration will lead to Chaos.  This not to mention potential infiltration of Jihadists from the Southern Border and the Drug Trafficking Wars that loom there as well.  What do you think?  Cheers, Francis

    • In addition to other Mexican inequaties, we have deal with MEChA, an acronym for the miltant Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (Chicano Student Movement of Aztlán). Mecha's policy of taking over the US by absorbing the US Southwest by moving illegally across our borders to reclaim Aztlan, "the legendary ancestral home of the Aztec, also known as the 'Mexica'. It is represented as a volcano in a lake, located in what is now north of Mexico (including the territory from Texas to California won by the United States after the Mexican-American War), onto which the first Mexica emerged at the beginning of the fourth world.." They are very proud of last weeks "Gran Marcha"! California Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante is an esteemed alumnus of this group! One of this "nice" student group's subsidary identifies with the Palestinians and Arafat's PLO including its "female martyrs". For paticulars see James Tarantino's article of Opinion Journal and scroll down to highlighted words. Mecha is active at US Universities

    • A young Chicano spoke of his association with MECHA and the Azatlan Movement, a Latino organization that advocates reoccupying the western United States by force, if necessary, to create a Latino nation. Azatlan members call themselves "America's Palestinians." He identified himself as homosexual and pointed out that Greenhouse was, too; this seemed relevant to their alliance with the Palestinian cause. Neither acknowledged let alone addressed the fact that gays are brutally persecuted under the Palestinian Authority in contrast to Israel, where they enjoy full civil rights. Many gay Palestinians have actually sought refugee status in Israel, fearing for their lives under the Arafat regime.
    • The Legal Foundation for Individual Rights in Education or Fire represented UCSD's school paper, the Koala, in 2002 when it was prosecuted over :
    • "a parody of the Hispanic hate group Mecha. The Koala stands charged with "disruption" for "taking photographs" at a Mecha meeting that was open to the public--though in fact the photographer was not a member of The Koala and submitted the photos to the publication after the fact.
      "We condemn The Koala's abuse of the Constitutional guarantees of free expression and disfavor their unconscionable behavior," a FIRE statement quotes
      Joseph Watson, UCSD's vice chancellor for student affairs, as saying. But FIRE notes that in 1995 Watson "issued an unequivocal defense of the right to free expression." The issue then was an article advocating racist violence against law-enforcement officers, which appeared in Mecha's own publication. It cheered the murder of a Hispanic Immigration and Naturalization Service officer, saying he was a "traitor . . . to his race" and adding: "We're glad this pig died, he deserved to die. . . . The only good one is a dead one."
      It gets even worse. As we
      noted in March, Mecha is a virulently anti-Semitic organization, which is easily enough confirmed by a visit to the group's own Web site. Yet the university regards the group as somehow representing "diversity." A Web search turned up this 1999 memo to UCSD's chancellor by a self-described piece of furniture (Herbert York, "chair" of the "Diversity Council") urging that "the chancellor should raise new funds and/or allocate existing funds to ensure the effective implementation of the AASU and MEChA high school conferences and recognition ceremonies, respectively." (The AASU is the African American Student Union.)
      Mecha's members are entitled to exercise their First Amendment right of free expression. But they no more deserve university subsidies and moral support--let alone an effort to silence their critics--than would a campus chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

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