Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hugh Hewitt the U-Boat Captain started it on Tuesday with U Tube's Cory Grove

Hugh Hewitt U-boated Steve Grove News and Political Director of You Tube on Tuesday and now New Media's Bill Bennett via emailers and Michelle Malkin have Swiftly-Swift Boated another John Kerry Phony Liberal named Steve Grove! Isn't it Sweetly Ironic that You Tube's adopted Parent Google was the source of the IN COMING U- Boat like torpedoing the GOP Debate of the Voters! Ha! Just Google Keith Kerr and Hilliary Clinton and see for yourself. Mr. Grove and Mr. Anderson you have been Outed. Your Contrived Matrix of propaganda has been Swift Boated by The NEOs of New Media using Google's very Engine Searching Spiders....Google's very own Matrix used to out U! You Tube principals are nothing but a U Boob Journalists! What sweet Irony indeed! ;-)
U-Boat Captain Hugh Hewitt started launched the first Torpedo on Tuesday!
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