Sunday, November 11, 2007

Freedom is not FREE! Thank you US VETERAN and a UDT-Navy Seal WWII Vet in my office !

What an Honor for me on on Friday 2 days prior to Veterans Day. I was met at 9:00am today in my office by an 83 y.o. retired Military Veteran of World War II, Korean and Vietnam Wars. He was dressed in his fatigues as earlier this morning @ 6:00am he was drilling the ROTC students at the local University. A healthy, energetic and robust American Army Soldier. He was here for a Carpal Tunnel referral.

He told me he was with the UDT(Under Water Demolition) and was one of the first American Soldiers who landed on Omaha Beach to clear it for D-Day landing four hours prior to the actual landing. In his team there were 15 Americans and 25 British Royal Marines. Of the 40 soldiers only 11 survived and of the Americans him and 3 of his buddies made it out. They had to swim in from a mile out with no weapons only mask, fins, tools and wetsuit no SCUBA gear as it had not be invented yet. He says it was like a duck shooting gallery as they staked out with flags where the land craft could come approach the shore. The UDT went on to become the Navy Seals of Today. As a 19 y.o. enlisted soldier he trained for 3 months at Lido Beach in New York for this Mission.
From the Navy "UDT-Seal" Museum the "Birthplace of the Navy Frogman"
The Father of Naval Combat Demolition," was directed to set up a school and train people to eliminate obstacles on an enemy-held beach prior to an invasion.
On 6 June 1943, LCDR Kaufmann established Naval Combat Demolition Unit training at Ft. Pierce. By April 1944, a total of 34 NCDUs were deployed to England in preparation for Operation OVERLORD, the amphibious landing at Normandy.
On 6 June 1944, in the face of great adversity, the NCDUs at Omaha Beach managed to blow eight complete gaps and two partial gaps in the German defenses. The NCDUs suffered 31 killed and 60 wounded, a casualty rate of 52%. Meanwhile, the NCDUs at Utah Beach met less intense enemy fire. They cleared 700 yards of beach in two hours, another 900 yards by the afternoon. Casualties at Utah Beach were significantly lighter with 6 killed and 11 wounded. During Operation OVERLORD, not a single demolitioneer was lost to improper handling of explosives.

LCDR Draper Kaufman was summoned to Washington. His tasking was to recruit, train and deploy groups of men (all volunteers, as the Navy's SEAL and SDV Teams are today) who could be deployed in low numbers along an intended beachhead prior to an amphibious assault. These men would be trained to collect, record and interpret valuable hydrographic reconnaissance information about the intended-landing site. This information would include underwater obstacles, enemy positions and strengths, tidal movement, water depths and reef positions. All of this information would have to be quickly and secretly gathered by a small group of unarmed men who would perform their mission right under the noses of enemy gunnersÂ….without enemy detection and with a high probability of success and the recovery of reliable information. This information, when provided to Naval Commanders, would allow amphibious assault planning that would result in the most successful and least costly invasion operation. Additionally, this small group of men would also be tasked with returning just prior to the assault to neutralize many of these obstacles with explosives.

There were fences, barriers, barb wire and mines along the beach. During the Korean War he also parachuted into several battles. He had a badge for his exploits during the Korean War and another badge for having served in combat over 30 days straight in Korea. America is Great and Noble because of Men like this American Army Soldier...............He informs me that he counsels Iraqi War Vets and they all say the Media is making their JOB so much harder and they wish the MSM would leave. I guess no Ernie Pyles in the MSM anymore.

Freedom is not FREE and we are being called upon to fight for it or we will lose. I Thank our US Vetrerans for their courage and sacrifice! You are Men and Women of NOBILITY and have saved the World from Tyrants.


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