Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Obama v Wright "Rumble in the Jungle" of Politics

I don't believe Obama.  Wright lead him to Christ supposedly and he did so by preaching this vile Nation of Islam garbage which has been concealed in the sheep's cloak of Christianity all the while it is the Anti-American Wolf of White Bigotry rooted in Black Patherism.  I think Obama/Wright are staging the divorce as their marriage of convenience is not symbiotic anymore. However these two Anti-American allies  have figured out how it can be symbiotic in a House of Mirrors kind of way. 

Obama reminds me of Claude Raines in Casa Blanca..."I'm shocked, I'm shocked that there is gambling going on here" as he accepts his cut of the Casino's proceeds.  You see Wright gets to keep his 10,000 foot home(you see since the Preach is a nut you can not Judge him for being so ostentatious), he gets publicity for his book because he is now famous and Obama gets to say that Wright has "changed" since he joined the Trinity Church of Christ and that he never never heard this Wright tripe which is new and he abhors.  Right?  Not buying it.  Wright gets to go onto shows to promote his books and Obama gets to tell McCain in the general that he doesn't believe in the Wright America is Bad Theology.  This divorce is a Sting operation!  Pope a Dope ala Rope a Dope.  Don't but it America as Obama is Anti-American just like Michelle Robinson, Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan are.  Ali would be proud of this Political Rope a Dope styled dance like a butterfly and sting the electorate like a bee...Dominus Vobicum, Francis

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