Friday, May 02, 2008

Do the Wright Thing, Rev. Right & Mo better Blues?

Do the Right Thing You do You do not even have to dig for this stuff.....I found this info regarding Obama on Wikipedia.   Reverend Wright is a Resentful man as is Michelle and Obama has been lead by the nose by these two people.  The Obamas fell in Love with each other and grew to hate America becuse they had to get student loans to go to Ivy league schools, saw Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing on their first date and received the Christ of "Black Liberation Theology" who GDs America at the not very Reverend Wright's CHURCH Trinity Church of Christ.   Not good if you wanna be President of the USA!
So 'Do the "Wright" Thing' Reverend and leave Obama alone as asked by 
Spike Lee the Director, Writer and Producer of the movie I bet you loved too, Reverend!  Spike down your tongue Preacher of Christ Mr. Right or Obama is going to get Spiked by Hillary!  That'll really make the Obama's cupid "Mookie" truly sing the Mo Better Blues...Spike the Lid down Preacher Wright!

The couple's first date was to the Spike Lee movie Do the Right Thing.[11]



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