Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Spectre vs Alito, the Jesuits and the Hewitts of the World

Sentor Arlen from Spectre (the nefarious organization that 007 James Bonds fights in his movies) was fencing with Judge Alito and trying to box him in on the Stari Decisis issue of Roe v Wade. Alito is successful at the parry of the Specter thrust (1.16 What constitutes a parry?
According to Article 10 of the FIE Rules of Competition, "the parry is the defensive action made with the weapon to prevent the attack from arriving". )
The "super duper precedent" issue is compared to detergent talking point in TV commercials by Alito.
Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. was so spot on yesterday when he said "lets be honest this hearing is contingent on the abortion issue..." I agree and it underscores the brilliant points made by Father Joseph Fessio, S.J., on the Hugh Hewitt Show the other day
"And we have an advantage here, because the homosexuals, and the pro-abortionists, and the pro-contraception people, are not having children by definition." That's why I love the Hugh Hewitt Show there is this convergence of the Earthly and the Ethereal. The issue of our day as Human Beings are two. 1. Will we allow this abomination of abortion to continue in defiance of the Genesis Commandant "Go ye forth be fertile and multiply; fill the Earth and sudue it." 2. Will we defend ourselves against the brutal sweep of Islam its radical denomination which is a product its 20th century Renaissance manifest by this "Imperialistic Islamic Reformation sweeping the world"
FISA and NSA intercepts phone issue happened on a continual basis during the Cold War and the James Bond 007 Series is the embodiment of how important Spying is and its sucess reflects how we the Amnerican public support see it as necessary. Should we go after the press for intercepting those cell phone calls made by Prince Charles and Diana which detailed Charles' disgusting affections for Camilla Parker Bowles and the gross feminine hygiene analogy and Dianna's Major James Hewitt affair?(no pun intented!)?
These are the issues we face and LIBERALS do no get it. They will die off because of abortion and contraception. I hope it won't be too late. If we stop the abomination of abortion I believe God will continue to BLESS America. Now the Woodstock Man Leahy is on. Thank goodness I have to go to work. I can't wait to hear Hugh Hewitt put these knuckleheads into perspective today on his show!
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