Thursday, May 25, 2006

Brian Ross President Acme-Ninja-job's Speech Writer

Brain Ross, was Dateline the reporter who was slapped with a Lawsuit by a Greensboro Eye Clinic. Eventually, the suit was dropped but the Dateline and Brian Ross investigative journalistic technique smacks of Entrapment. They hired a Senior Citizen to go in for the evaluation of a Medicare authorized epistemological procedure. The Physician said she was not a candidate but Brain Ross had the patient call the next day to Schedule the Procedure with the gal who does that! People answering the Phone usually are not the most sophisticated folks in an Office or Clinic Practice, as this is usually an entry level position. This was considered fraudulent per Brian Ross and his Head NBC news guy Mr. Lack or at least it is implicitly so!
MSM is worst than the National Enquirer, as the latter are more reliable and their stories as salacious as they are often pan out in particularly when it deals with the Hollywood Star's Love Life! The got the Bradgelina Story Right! Rest my Case!

'Cataract Cowboys'
"After the apology to G.M., the head of NBC News, Michael G. Gartner, resigned and was eventually replaced by Mr. Lack. 'Cataract Cowboys'
The most recent "Dateline" report at issue was titled "Cataract Cowboys" and was broadcast on May 4. It dealt with what it described as unnecessary cataract surgery reimbursed by Medicare.
Toward the end of the segment, an elderly woman with healthy eyes, asked to pose as a patient by NBC, received some conflicting advice from employees of the Greensboro clinic about whether she needed surgery. After a doctor, recorded by a hidden camera, told her that she did not need surgery, she was told by a medical assistant that a doctor did recommend an operation. Then a doctor told her again that she did not need surgery.
Despite that recommendation, NBC had the woman call the clinic the next day and schedule surgery. When she appeared at the clinic, the NBC reporter, Brian Ross, interrupted a discussion of the surgery between her and a doctor. In his narration, Mr. Ross said the woman was only "a few tests and a half-hour away from surgery."
NBC also presented evidence that clinic employees, filling out paper work, had exaggerated the woman's complaints.
Two other people, asked by NBC to pose as patients, were told that they did not need surgery, and the network reported that.
Mr. McDaniel said that NBC had misrepresented the clinic's procedures and that the woman had initiated the scheduling of the surgery even though she had been told twice by the clinic's doctors that she did not need it. Further, he asserted, the woman would never have had the surgery because she would have had to undergo a final "safety net" screening. Accusations by NBC
Mr. Ross did report the clinic's assurance that the safety net procedure would have stopped the surgery. But NBC contends that the confused diagnosis could easily have led an elderly patient to have surgery she did not need. "

Regarding the GM Dateline Story prior to this one which Dateline in Hot water:

"Dateline NBC did not disclose the fact that this accident was staged, or the fact that the only reason there was an explosion was that the vehicle contained planted explosives. The viewers were never told about it. It appeared to be a major discovery of investigative reporters. GM investigators discovered a mistake by a study of the Dateline film. GM subsequently filed an anti-defamation lawsuit against NBC.The lawsuit in question was quickly settled by NBC and as a result Brian Ross and a few persons responsible for the incident were fired from NBC, and Ross found employment with ABC News, where he continues to work to this day.

This guy, Brian Ross is a pathetic Liar at Large and would be a great speech writer for the Persian President!
Francisco X.


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