Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Campos vs Hugh Hewitt vs President Bush

Today Hugh Hewitt interviewed University of Colorado Law Professor and Rocky Mountain News columnist Paul Campos
 a would be patron saint of the Left!  He is representative of the Left's inherent anti-Americanism and I wonder if it is BIOLOGIC?  Following the logic of the left who would have us believe that there is a Homosexual gene I wonder if there an Anti-American Gene?  This Prof states that social scientist tell us that in a group of 100 Americans you could find a Josef Goebbels, Goring, Hitler and Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin).  Doesn't this knucklehead know that all people are capable of evil.  Has he ever read William Conrad's Heart of Darkness.  How is it that he uses this assertion to argue that America is no better than any other country?  
Our system kept Gov. George Wallace out of the White House!  Campos is Tokyo Rose like in his journalism and I bet Al Qaeda loves him.  Furthermore this talentless anti-American reminds me of famed Ivy League schooled actor and bass baritone singer of Negro Spirituals Paul Robeson in tone!  I'd like to tell him that my pilot friends here in Utah are in the Air National Guard and have been in the Gulf!  National Guard and Active Duty pilots die every year flying training missions in the US and stationed in other countries while on active duty in Iraq.  Campos calls President Bush an Ivy League "Coward"  because he flew in the Texas Air National Guard!  Well others disagree including fellow Pilots that flew with the future President
This Campos guy is a good argument for Homeschooling!  I looked up his allegation that Journalist have brought this Haditha story to the light of day!  It was the Army in January per the New York Times, that saw some problems with the reporting of the incident and asked for further inquiry.  Times Magazine was frothing at the mouth for red meat and did not report on it til March.  This all comes from the Washington Post 
  • "The Bargewell investigation evolved from a preliminary inquiry conducted in January by Army Col. Gregory Watt, the New York Times reported yesterday. Watt was asked by senior commanders to look into why there had been no formal Marine Corps review of the Haditha incident. After reviewing death certificates that showed the 24 Iraqis had been killed by gunshot rather than a bomb, as the Marine report had stated, Watt recommended a broader inquiry.When the Marine leadership in Washington reviewed his report, a senior Marine said yesterday, it asked that an Army general step in to conduct the investigation, another indication that the actions of Johnson and other top officers have been a subject of Bargewell's review".
Professor Campos what a Bone Head
Francisco/Francis Xavier Yubero, M.D.

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