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San Juan Capistrano and Spanish History

The Geritol Media ignoring the potential London Tube attack ala copy cat of Japanese Sarin

Artist's impression of Shoko Asahara's court appearance
Asahara hardly spoke throughout his trial
Nerve Gas Attack in 1995 is no different that them ignoring the Able Danger report that Captain Quarters broke while the Hugh Hewitt Cruise and all the stories of possible Al Qaeda terrorist coming across the Mexican Border! It is Spain's history all over again as I've written on my site and look who agrees with moi! Salem Network Host....
  • Lopez: What's the most politically incorrect fact you present, of the sort no one else would dare?
  • Bennett: Muslim troubles. From the beginning. And by the beginning I mean Christopher Columbus. Radical Islam or Militant Islam was trouble for us from before day one. The European empires go west because they don't want to deal with these guys in the east. Jefferson's war against the Barbary pirates was taken up after more than one million Europeans had been made slaves by Muslim traders. John Adams was opposed to the war, by the way, saying prophetically that if we fought these militant Muslims we'd be fighting them forever.
This what I've been saying since the beginning after 911 and I got engaged, stumbled on the likes of Hugh Hewitt, other Talk Radio Stars and Hugh Hewitt got me started blogging on my cyber-ski slope. If one looks at Spain's history they'lll understand this age old Jihadistic-Nazi threat of today. The San Onfre Power Plant is next to San Juan Capistrano! This beutiful So-Cal community's name sake. San Juan Capistrano, was a humble Catholic friar who had to fight the Islamic Radicals of the 1500's to protect Belgrade Hungrey from invasion
014SeigeofBelgrade.bmp.jpg - 83645 Bytes

St. John of Capistrano (center, holding up a crucifix) in the middle
of the Battle of Belgrade, July 23, 1456.
Huge Loischinger, Siege of Belgrade, Hungarian National Museum
  • In the mid-15th century, the Muslim Turks, under Mahomet II, were still trying to subjugate Europe. In 1454 the pope ordered Juan to preach a crusade against this dread enemy. Early in 1456 the friar rallied an army to defend Belgrade. It was led by him and the great Hungarian general, Janus Hunyadi. Hunyadi conquered the foe by sea on July 14. Friar John, personally heading the troops on July 21, and invoking the Holy Name, was principally responsible for the land victory that day. And victory it was. Not for 70 years would the Turks again threaten central Europe. For this accomplishment Friar Juan Capistrano was hailed in later years as the "apostle of Europe."
and the Geritol Media and there Byrd-like leaders in the Democratic Party have theirs head in an Ostrich's Hole!
I've heard it said that it is a force multiplier!
  • "While commenting about the 700 miles of border fencing called for by the House of Representatives bill, Federation for American Immigration Reform spokesman Joe Kasper said "The fence in itself is a force multiplier. It allows Border Patrol agents to refocus their attention to other areas because it won't require as many Border Patrol agents to monitor a location as it would without a fence."
Americans of all stripes, Keep pushing for the Wall no matter how much we need Mexican Oil and thier "potential Conservative" Votes!
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