Thursday, May 25, 2006

"My Country "Tis of Thee" vs My Senator 'Tis of Thee

The song "America" aka "My Country, 'Tis of Thee," is my favorite song has it has a way of strumming the strings of my Heart while the Star Spangled Banner is revelry for my Soul! The melody comes from the British national
anthem, God Save the Queen. The same melody is the national anthem of Liechtenstein and has served as an anthem for several other northern European countries because of its Majesty. I have heard it said that Music has the effect it does on Human Beings because it is God's creation while preoccupied with his Children and Doodling away in Heaven!... This Melody, must have been doodled while especially preoccupied by our Creator thus, it is so loved by humans of all races and creeds.
The lyrics to "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" were written in 1831 by Reverend Samuel Francis Smith of Boston's Park Street Church and as we all know Francis Scott Key wrote our National Anthem. Therefore, I, not so talented Francis, feel compelled to write this on the Day the Upper Chamber of Congress comes up with this misguided Immigration Bill!
"My Country,'tis of thee" 'Tis is a contraction of "it is"! It is a Country of people who came here to be Americans! People, who maintained their beliefs and Creeds but are grafted onto the founding Vine of Liberty and Freedom and became Americans. Yes, "E Pluribus Unum" or "From Many One" is but one of the many reasons that America is the Economic, Democratic and Sole Super Power of the World!

This immigration bill coming out of the Senate undermines our strength. The illegal immigrants have come to America for economic opportunity and have demanded rights from our Government that they are not willing to demand from theirs or earn for themselves by fighting their leaders for it! These people, many who are hard working and many who are not, paid more money to the vile Coyotes guiding them across the borders than the $2000 dollars that can be paid over 8 years which are so called "leaders" have proposed as a fine for coming here illegally. This is in a word Pathetic! No these people are not being grafted onto the Vine of Liberty and Freedom but are attaching themselves to and siphoning off the nectar of this vine which is the birthright for many of us or one petitioned for by many others as provided for by the laws of our country. This Vine of Liberty and Freedom bloomed in the USA because our forefathers and immigrant grandparents cultivated it by hard work and Courage! The seed was a Dream captured in words found in Our Declaration of Independence and the soil is found in our Constitution which our forefathers harvested by toiling with their Sweat and tilling with their Blood!

I can speak freely, because I'm the son of Spanish Immigrants and when my father became a US citizen he was so proud he put on the Same Tux with Tails he got married to my mother in 20 years before! My father and mother braved the rigors of Green Card application because they came to the US on a 5 year Eisenhower Administration Cultural Exchange Visa. They went back to Spain and waited in line for their Green Card because that was the LAW in the 1960's! My father, was a well educated General Surgeon who was serving the good but poor people of West Virginia but that didn't matter. The Law trumped the good he was doing in this Country, good that many native born doctors were uninterested in because the coal mining state of West Virginia was too "backward". Well, we immigrants loved West Virginia's Mountains Mama. I and 2 siblings were "Anchor Babies"! We went back to Spain too returning once my Parents and two older brothers were in compliance with the Laws of a sovereign Country. They came back the right way! The Hispanic display in Los Angeles and other cities was Morally and Legally Wrong! Why don't the illegals do in their country of origin what they do in our great Country! Their lack of gratitude and arrogance makes me ashamed of being a HISPANIC for the first time in my life! Proud to say I'm the son of immigrants and not "colonists"(from Whizbang)!

Today Presidente "the Sly" Fox of Mexico was here in my new home in Utah. Mr. Presidente I see through your double speak and the message is clear, the migration of your citizens is a Reconquista Invasion. At least when Spain conquered the Aztecs, the former tyrants of Mexico, they introduced them to the Wheel, God, Jesus Christ, Guitars, Music, Philosophy and Literature... I welcome those of yours that have come because I'm an American but I also say "No MAS"! In time the 12 to 20 million Illegal Mexicanos and other Hispanos will be grafted onto American Vine. However if we do not Build a Wall the migration will cease to be symbiotic and will become saprophytic as our system collapses from the demand placed on it.

Mr. Presidente, shame on you and your Governmental System for failing its people and mooching off the 20 billion dollars they infuse your country's wallet with every year! You are getting a handout from the poorest of your society! Mexican leaders plant your own Vineyard. If an Al Qaeda terrorist crosses from your side of the border you will suffer too. That 20 billion dollar a year stream of handouts from your ex- patriots will stop because they will be the collateral damage caused by the Al Qaeda Terrorist!

Mr. Presidente do not be a Refried Fool, protect the Goose that lays your Golden Eggs! Don't you see if America bleeds to death by 1000 slashes from Terrorist Attacks Mexico will die too! Do not be foolish Señor President and do not ignore the will of the American people as you do with your people. We will not roll over Señor for we are tough American Gringos!
My Senators, 'tis of thee, sweet job of liberty! The Country is ours and remember our motto "E Pluribus Unum"! This bill is an Et Tu Brutus disgrace! Your constituents are one in that we want a Wall and a Serious Immigration Bill. Remember Liberty gives us the right to Fry you Electoral Style and send you packing to one of the lower levels of Purgatory!

Thanks for reading and God Bless!
Francisco Javier/Francis Xavier Yubero,M.D.


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