Thursday, December 07, 2006

ISG or the Iraq Study Group could Stand for the Invertebrate Sisyphus Gang

Still Twilight in the Wasatch and I pray it isn't Twilight in Washington. The ISG could stand for the Invertebrate Sissified Girls Scouts! Send in Lynne Cheney for goodness sake! At half time the football team gets a Fired Up but these Coaches think they are playing the PC game of no score T-Ball. I miss Reagan and Dame Margaret Thatcher! The W in George W. needs to Stand for Win. I'm afraid that it stands for "Wobbly" as in Gulf War 1 per the the Great British Dame Margaret. The players on the other team are not plying PC T-Ball but Australian Rule Football and they are throwing grease ball pitches at us. I bet Vince Lombardi didn't talk to his Players the way these Old Coaches are talking to America. They have gone Wobbly on us I hope Dub-ya pulls a George Washington and Pushes his Sisyphus Stone up that Mountain the Liberal Pundits have created. The Invertebrate Sissified Guard has compelled the Occidental World to roll Sisyphus' huge rock up a steep hill, and it is on the verge of rolling back on the Military before we reached the top of the Mountain. The Jidhadists have greased the pathway with their Guerrilla Tactics and forked tongues. Anyone of these Sissy's remember General Giap?
  • From wikipedia: The Mao/Giap approach. Maoist theory of people's war divides warfare into three phases. In the first phase, the guerrillas gain the support of the population through attacks on the machinery of government and the distribution of propaganda.In the second phase, escalating attacks are made on the government's military and vital institutions. In the third phase, conventional fighting is used to seize cities, overthrow the government, and take control of the country. Mao's seminal work. On Guerilla Warfare, [4] has been widely distributed and applied, nowhere more successfully than in Vietnam, under military leader and theorist Vo Nguyen Giap. Giap's "Peoples War, Peoples Army" [5] closely follows the Maoist three-stage approach, but with greater emphasis on flexible shifting between mobile and guerrilla warfare, and opportunities for a spontaneous "General Uprising" of the masses in conjunction with guerrilla forces.
Americans need to keep their Sea Legs starting with Dubya and Mr. President do not go Wobbly on US!
Dame Thatcher, the Iron Lady of England once said about Consensus "To me, consensus seems to be the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and policies. So it is something in which no one believes and to which no one objects." Gents Liberalism and it's errors has served as a soporific that has anesthetized America to the Cold Truth of the WWIJ(World War of Islamic Jihad) and caused us the Public to hallucinate over a Mirage of Peace if we just TALK to the Enemy? The so called "Sages" who will show us the Way to Peace are the first folks who will get their heads Chopped off by these Jihadists.
Men and Woman of the West keep your heads about you and stand for FREEEEEEEDOM!
Francis Xavier

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