Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sean Hannity, as Catholics we must inform our Conscience

Sean: I love you but you are wrong about Birth Control Pills. I am an M.D. and there is use causes a Spontaneous Abortion by Chemically making the Uterus inhospitable to a fertilized female egg which has already conceived a Human Life and Soul. It obviously is not as gruesome as an Abortion but it is an Abortion nonetheless! To state otherwise as a Catholic is sorry to say but Heretical. Please as a Good and Smart Catholic you must inform your Conscience. Here is a nice Primer on this Issue written by Gynecologists!
inform your Conscience. Here is a nice Primer on this Issue written by Gynecologists!
I agree with that the Roman Catholic Church handled the Pedophile Priest Abuse in a catastrophic, negligent and criminal way. However the Church is right on this issue and I remain a Catholic because of the Holy Eucharist.
To ignore the true of the Chemically induced Spontaneous Abortion by the use of Birth Control Pills is a big sin of omission. Remember the Confitior aka the Penitential Rite at the beginning of Mass "I confess to Almighty God, and to you my brothers and sisters that I have sinned through my own fault in my thoughts and in my words, in what I have done , and in what I have failed to do....." Sean you are smart and influence millions of people with your microphone on Radio, Television and on the Internet! Please educate yourself on this issue. Do clainm that you can not impose your Religion or its tenets on others is a John D. Kerry ploy. Sean your are a great American and I applaud you for that. We Catholics should strive to great Catholics too don't you think inspite the flaws of our Chruch! To be a good and strong Catholic in any age is difficult. God's way is not the way of the World...

God Bless you and Yours in this Life and the Next.
Your brother Catholic in Christ

Dominus Vobiscum.

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