Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jihadists Laugh at America as we cannibilize ourselves setting the Stage for the fall of America....

John Murtha, a United States Congressman is crying in our Capital Building about a New direction, Nancy Pelosi his boss and Speaker of the House resorts to bribery to pass a bill which will suffocate the Victory that could belong to our Brave Soldiers in Iraq! Millionaire Al Gore with his fake Monopoly like Carbon Credits claims(that he pays to himself) the World will end because of Global Warming....."This is a Planetary Emergency" he bellows! It is all the emerging 3rd world Countries producing all the CO2 gases al Gore! The fake Scandals being investigated by Senator Schumer yet he lets the United Arab Emirates buy a company that builds Jet Engines for our Military. The UAE will not even let a person of Jewish Ancestry into their Oil rich Sandbox of a Country! The Jihadists laugh at US because by the time we Americans wake up we'll be so weak, decadent and drunk that it'll be too late. What then al Gore, will the "Planetary Emergency" you scream about even matter? No, because the True Planetary Emergency is Jihad and the Atomic Bomb they will either develop or buy from the collapsed former USSR will have destroyed us!
In history Rome burned to the Ground. Now the Senators and Congressman of Washington D.C. are the kindling that will result in the Conflagration of The United States of America! Naive and uninformed Liberalism is the detenator and Jihad on America and the West, being preached in the Mosques around the world, is the fissable material which will engulf our Democratic Culture and extinguish Liberty as we know it.

Wake up America and vote these Myopic Leaders out of office. The current DC Politicians are truly Boobs and Idiots who are Savants of Liberalism gone stupid!

The Jihadists Laugh at US!.
  • Nefretiri to Rameses, "Do you hear laughter Pharaoh? NOT the laughter of Kings(Presidents), but the laughter of slaves(Jihadists) on the desert island!

America I hear the Laughter don't you?


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