Thursday, June 28, 2007

Amnesty using Twisted Logic kinda makes sense? What a Gamble!

Please, help me here where has my imagination gone wrong?  The more you use "Twisted Logic" when thinking about this Amnesty Bill the better it looks!  Population growth is like a force of Nature.  Mark Steyn you TEACHES US THAT 2.1 children per woman IS NECESSARY to keep a population stable.  That is why Eurasia(Europe) will become Eurabia!
1.  If  it were not for Hispanics(mostly Mexicans) Americans has a population stability birth rate.
2.  We've aborted 40-50 million babies so Baby boomer Americans on Security will need new the 12-20 Millions illegal to support them.
Additionally Business wants to Cheap Labor too!
3.  Mexico is our second largest supplier of oil surpassing Venezuela(no friend of the US) and Saudi Arabia. 
4. America refines Mexico's oil into gas( they 6 refineries who do meet their demand.
5 .  Mexico is a War with its powerful Drug Cartels made of (>100,000) Mexican Military deserters, Crooked Politicians who work in Government and Zetas(special Forces type guys) trained by us who have gone rogue.
6.  These Cartels threaten the Mexican Government which will turn to the USA and our Military to keep them in Power if they start to collapse. 
7. Mexico largest Trading Partner to the tune of ~220 billion dollars is the USA while only 2-3% of their trade with South America.  Thanks to Nafta.
8.  Canada is our leading supplier of foreign oil! 
Now consider that the Iranian Mullahs are on the brink of going Nuclear and will destroy Israel who before their lights are permanently extinguished will in turn Mushroom Cloud Iran.  That means that the Oil we get from our to largest foreign will become more IMPORTANT to our Independence.  Eurabia has little Oil reserves expect for the Northern Atlantic.  They will dominate European Politics.  Eventually they will go to war with the USA.  The children of these Illegals will be who the US Government will draft into the Army when all out War with Islam breaks out.  Ronald Reagan told Lionel Sosa(,8599,1093622,00.html ) his Hispanic Political Consultant said "Hispanics because of their values are natural Republicans they just do not know it yet..."  George Bush has used Lionel Sosa too. 
Of course this is twisted logic but one needs this when we consider the President Bush is the primary engine behind this bill.  The Bush Family knows Oil(for the foreseeable future nothing will replace it), Mexican Americans will become a Majority because of Population Birth Rate.  There will be a Close relationship with Mexico because of this relationship and their dependence on US to keep them in power.  We can not let Mexico take the Socialist route of Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia not the Narco-Democracy route of Columbia.  Now wall on the border means we can go in when we want to weed out the Cartels.  The Bush family has a talented half Mexican grandson(George P.) who will be able to draw on the important Hispanic Vote in 30 years when he is ready.  Nafta is a child of Carrol Quigley's thinking who approved of the goals of the Anglo-American elite for One World Governmnet as outlined in his book "Tragedy and Hope"  from Wikepedia:
1. The international drive to bring about a one-world government.
2. In his 1966 book, Tragedy and Hope, he based his analysis on his extensive research in the closely-held papers of an Anglo-American elite organization, to which he was given access.
3. According to Quigley, the U.S. and UK governments were secretly controlled through a series of Round Table Groups, the group in the US being the Council on Foreign Relations.
4. He contended that both the Republican and Democratic parties were controlled by an "international Anglophile network" that shaped elections.
5.  The Anglo-American Establishment was not published until 1982, five years after Quigley's death, because of its controversial material: several publishers would not publish it when it was written in 1949, but the manuscript was found after his death on the Island of Rhodes.
 This thinking which has influneced US Presidents both Deomcrati and Republican (Nixon switched from the Gold Standard to perpetuated Globalism) is one of the engines, among others, behind NAFTA(Brain Child of  Bush 41) and Bush 42's SPPA(Security Prosperity Partnership Act (   
Since it turns out the most valuable natural response is Progeny Mexico will provide this for our Future!  It is a bit of a Gamble but one the Futurist Think tanks have convinced Bush is worth taking.  Democrats have even less replacement progeny than Conservatives so they want the Illegals to be their voting base in the future!
Here are references that have lead me to this
2.Here is what Bush 41 thinks of his work in Nafta
What do you think?  A twisted Amnesty Bill which puzzles us Conservatives requires Twisted Insight in order to understand it!  Am I going CRAZY or is that what the Think Tanks have come up with for a solution to problems 50 years down the road?
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