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The Web of Physician Jihad across cultures & continents and Al Gore's Internet....

Think about this world wide web of Doctors from India working in England and Australia who are Muslims from India(2nd Largest Muslim population in the world) are collaborating with Doctors from Jordan, Iraq and Palestine via Saudi Arabia.

  • Mohammed Jamil Abdelqader Asha, 27
    • Born: Saudi Arabia of Palestinian parents
    • Graduated from Jordan University's medical school in 2004 and arrived in Britain in the same year to undertake a postgraduate qualification at Birmingham University. He joined North Staffordshire Hospital 12 months ago and was planning to return to Jordan - a flight was planned for 12 July.
  • Medical Student, 28
    • Born: Saudi Arabia
    • The suspect had completed his training last month at the hospital and been told he could look for a qualified post. He was arrested in a joint operation by officers from Strathclyde Special Branch and Scotland Yard's Counter-Terrorism command. He was in a room in an accommodation block used for students and doctors on night shifts.
  • Medical Student, 25
    • Born: Saudi Arabia
    • Arrested: the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley, 2 July.
    • The unnamed suspect was seized by armed police in an accommodation block set apart from the main hospital building and used to house staff. It is thought the man was part of a regular intake of graduate students at the hospital, one of the biggest in the Glasgow and Clyde region.
The Ahmedbrothers, Sabeel 26, and Kafeel 28, whose parents are both Doctors, had unsuccessfully applied for medical jobs in the Western Australia public hospital system in the past two years. They are cousins to Dr. Haneef's being held in Australia. They did not have enough medical experience and one failed an English language exam.
The West Australian Medical Association president, Geoff Dobbs, said one of the men applied several times using slightly different names. Kafeel Ahmed doused himself in petrol and set himself ablaze after the attack on Glasgow airport. Police sources in India said he told his family he was working on a "confidential global warming project" in the UK.
Just hours after two car bombs in London failed to explode, Kafeel Ahmed was alleged to have called them for the last time to say that his project was facing problems and he was going away for a while. In fact he was an engineering student who had been developing tactile maps for the blind.
Yesterday he remained in a critical condition with 92% burns after being transferred to a specialist unit at the Glasgow Royal infirmary, where he is understood to be under armed police guard. An Indian citizen, he is thought to have lived in the UK for at least six years, first studying aeronautical engineering at Queen's University, Belfast. In 2004 he began a PhD in fluid dynamics at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.
Residents in the Bangalore suburb of Banashankari, where the Ahmed brothers grew up, identified them as members of Tablighi Jamaat, a proselytizing group which some experts describe as peaceful and apolitical, but which others accuse of recruiting foot soldiers for international jihad.
From the Guardian
  • Khalid Ahmed
    • Born: initial sources said Iraq but it probably is India
    • Seen dousing himself in petrol after jumping from the Jeep that smashed into Glasgow airport. Believed to have shared a house in Renfrewshire with Dr Abdullah. It is now believed that he was in Piccadilly, London, on the night of the abortive nightclub plot. He remains in a critical condition in Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley.
    • He is not a Doctor but a Biomedical Engineer type person working on projects for the blind.
  • Sabeel Ahmed, 26
    • Born: India
    • Like Dr Haneef, worked for North Cheshire NHS Trust, at Halton and Warrington, and is thought to have lived at Hatherley Street, Toxteth. Neighbors say he was married. It appears he had no involvement in local mosques. He lived six doors from the largest mosque in Liverpool - al-Rahma - but worshipers do not know him.
  • Bilal Talal Abdul Samad Abdulla, 27
    • Born: Iraq
    • Arrested: Glasgow airport 30 June.
    • Passenger in the Jeep that smashed into Glasgow airport on Saturday. Worked as a locum house officer at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley. Qualified from Baghdad University in 2004 and was granted a license to practice in the UK in August. Rented a house in the nearby village of Houston
  • Muhammad Haneef, 27
    • Born: India
    • cousins to the Ahmed brothers.
    • Arrested: Brisbane, 2 July.
    • After completing medical studies in Bangalore in 2002, he worked at North Cheshire NHS Trust at Halton Hospital, Runcorn, until 2005. Moved to Gold Coast Hospital, Queensland, last September. Regarded as a "model citizen " with "excellent references". He had not resigned before heading for Brisbane airport to fly to India. Arrested over a phone call to a suspect in Britain.
Australian Federal Police have been given another 48 hours to question Dr Mohammad Haneef arrested in Gold Coast over possible links to the failed UK terrorist attacks, even as the second man, Dr Mohammed Asif Ali, being interrogated has been released.(NewsNerve.India)
  • Sydney, July 7 - The Australian Federal Police have released all the five Indian doctors in Western Australia and Sydney after they were interrogated about possible links to the foiled bomb attacks in London and Glasgow. No charges have been laid against them or Mohammad Haneef, who is still in police custody in Brisbane.
  • Australian Federal Attorney General Philip Ruddock has not ruled out the five doctors being questioned again if any issues arise out of the examination of the more than 30,000 documents, computers and mobile phones seized by the police.
It is so obvious that the common thread binding these Terrorists is Islam and Medicine. If the MSM and Liberal Elites can not see this then I will blame Al Gore because he "Invented the Internet" and this is the international bridge that connects these Muslims from different parts of the world. The Internet does make Global Jihad spread like a wild fire but the Ex. V.P, and High Priest of Global Warning has nothing to do with this!....or does he...just use Harry Truman horse sense and connect the dots deciding for yourself!...
Could this happen in America? sooner or later it will as two of these Mengele type Docs make a inquiries to a US Placement Firm for Physicians but never followed through.
  • An FBI spokeswoman said Friday that two of the suspects -- Mohammed Asha, 26, and another man whose name she didn't give -- contacted the Philadelphia-based Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, confirming a story first reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • The nonprofit commission verifies the credentials of foreign medical school graduates, evaluates individuals' medical knowledge and administers exams. It represents just one step in a process foreigners must go through to obtain training as a medical resident in the U.S.
    Chicago Tribune

  • 45 Muslim doctors planned US terror raids HT(Hugh Hewitt)

"Men & Women of the West" stand and fight back!.......


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