Friday, July 06, 2007

The Cancer of Jihadists in the UK Muslim Doctors who looked into coming to the USA

Jihadi Physicians looked into coming to the United States!  See Fox News  Apparently taking the ECFMG aka Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates to qualify was too much of a hurdle/hassle for Dr. Asha, the Palestinian Neurologist born in Saudi Arabia carrying a Jordanian Passport went to the free---Socialized Medicine National Hearlth Service in England! 
This is the first suggestion that any of the suspected Islamic terrorists in Britain wanted to come to the United States.
One of the doctors was identified as Mohammed Jamil Asha, 26, a neurologist from Jordan who was arrested in a car on the M6 Highway near Manchester, England, with his wife and 1 1/2-year-old son after the failed attacks.
The Inquirer could not determine the identity of the second doctor.
In Medicine we could call this a Metastases of Jihad which is a Cancer found not only among lay Muslims but now among their elite, Islamic Doctors who have betrayed the Tenets of Medicine as prescribed by the Great Islamic Physicians of the fist millennium Avicenna and Averroes!  Chemotherapy is needed in the form of vigilance as scripted in the Patriot act and no amnesty for anybody including Physicians!

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