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The Caner of Jihad wanted to Metastasize to America per Philadelphia Inquirer. I told ya so!...

I tried to tell everybody the other day as I spoke to about this this last Tuesday as a Caller on Hugh Hewitt's first show back when him lots of Indian Doctors were Muslim.  120-180 Million Muslims in India and look what happened in the UK.  We get more Physicians from India and Pakistan than we do from the Middle East.  2 of the UK Jihadi Guys are Muslims from India and Australia Officials ar e holding another Muslim from India.  Bangalore is a hotbed of Madrassa.  Not bad for for a small fry like me.

Given that the Phildephia Inquirer and MSNBC reports that Dr.(Mengele) Asha and one other Physician UK Jidadi ring leaders looked into coming into the USA. On have been on target before all the big boys as I have been posting about the Potential Problem of Jihadists "Code Blue" Doctor Teams in America and in the last few days of blogging.

Mohammed Jamil Asha , a doctor, and his wife, Marwa (right), a medical technician, were among those arrested. With them are his mother and son.
Mohammed Jamil Asha , a doctor, and his wife, Marwa
(right), a medical technician, were among those arrested.
With them are his mother and son.
LONDON - Two suspects in the failed car bombings in Britain had contacted a clearinghouse for foreign doctors about working in the United States, the FBI said Friday, and British officials probed links between the attacks and al-Qaida in Iraq.
  1. An FBI spokeswoman said Mohammed Asha and another suspect had contacted the Philadelphia-based Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, as first reported in The Philadelphia Inquirer.
  2. Asha, a Jordanian physician of Palestinian heritage, contacted the agency within the last year, but apparently did not take the test for foreign medical school graduates, said the spokeswoman, Nancy O'Dowd.
  3. "He was applying, (but) we don't believe he took the test," she said.
  4. O'Dowd could not immediately confirm the name of the second suspect.
  5. The FBI visited the organization's office in West Philadelphia this week, O'Dowd said.
Mohammed Jamil Asha
Family handout via of Dr. Mohammed Jamil Asha-AP file
I report on this article I found from:
"Contemporary Issues in the Practice of Islamic Medicine" by Shahid Athar, M.D. of Indianapolis, Indiana

The exact number of Muslim physicians in the world is not known; however, there are about 100 medical schools in Muslim countries. If each of them produced even 200 physicians a year, the estimated number would be at least 20,000 Muslim physicians yearly. The number of Muslim physicians in the United States is estimated to be 15,000.

However this same Doctor from Indianapolis Shahid Athar was later elected President of the Islamic Medical Association of North America from his acceptance speech in Tehran on July 31, 2001 found at.
In the last thirty-four years, Islamic Medicine Association of North America(IMANA) has come a long way but has a long way to go. Though there are twenty thousand Muslim Physicians in the USA, our paid membership is very small.
Also I have found this interesting site:  That speaks of a 20 year Plan for Islam to make inroads into the USA.  They claim a 20 point strategy to accomplish in the USA what Islamicists have in the UK. 
#8. Encourage Muslims to penetrate the White House, specifically with Islamcists who can articulate a marvelous and peaceful picture of Islam.  Acquire government positions, get membership in local school boards.  Train Muslims as medical doctors to dominate the medical field, research and pharmaceutical companies.  Take over the computer industry.  Establish Middle Eastern restaurants throughout the U.S. to connect planners of Islamization in a discreet way.  Ever notice how numerous Muslim doctors in America are, when their countries need them more desperately than America?
That may be too out there for you but look at England!
Prescription:  Rx: Don't get SICK and Eat more than an Apple a Day I say 3 like honor the Trinity!


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