Friday, July 06, 2007

Numbers of Foreign Medical Grads per JAMA, ones being given are too low.....

The numbers given are too low for the International Medical Graduate Doctors wanting to come in to the USA are too low!
Additionally NEJM New England Journal of Medicine reports a shortage of Physicians in the future so we will need more foreign gradusates. 
What this figure masks, however, is the fact that without these IMG's the United States would suffer an even worse shortage than MGT of America(a higher-education consulting firm based in Tallahassee, Florida) predicted. The truth is that the number of U.S. medical graduates has declined steadily as a percentage per 100,000 population. From 1981 to 1999 the numbers of U.S. medical graduates per 100,000 population dropped 16%. They are predicted to drop another 16% by 2020 if nothing changes.
Number of IMGs
Registered for
clinical skills exam
In the Match
2001 7,938 7,115
2002 9,892 6,585
2003 11,845 7,016
2004 11,636 7,686
2005 16,443 7,645
2006 18,109 8,877

IMGs as residents

One in every four medical residents in the U.S. is an international medical graduate. In 2005, the latest data available, this is how the number of IMG residents broke down:
Permanent resident 6,744 24.4%
Native U.S. citizen 4,296 15.5%
J exchange visitor visa 3,844 13.9%
H temporary worker visa 3,768 13.6%
Naturalized U.S. citizen 2,789 10.1%
F student visa 104 0.4%
Refugee/displaced person 123 0.4%
B temporary visitor visa 87 0.3%
Other 536 1.9%
Unknown 5,345 19.3%
Total 27,636 100.0%

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