Friday, July 06, 2007

Jihadi Doctor Plot with America as a Target....The Latest and More...CODE BLUE in America!

Thank you to Hugh Hewitt's post yesterday about the Jihad Doctors who wanted to explode an American Mayfield Naval Base in Jacksonville, Florida where the USS John F. Kennedyto the is often docked. Given that these 45 Physicians have declared war on America it is time to connect some dots and herein is a tip for Secretary Chertoff and Homeland Security as there are over 20,000 Foreign Mulim M.D.s in America.
One message, thought to have been sent on February 12 2005, read:
  • 'We are 45 doctors and we are determined to undertake jihad and take the battle inside America.
From the BBC:
Videos have tried to attract doctors, lawyers and scientists into Islamic extremism for more than a decade, the BBC has learned.
  • One film from 1999 seen by the BBC shows a man claiming to be a third-year medical student in Birmingham.
    He is shown claiming: "What we lack here is Muslims who are prepared to suffer and sacrifice."
    Of fellow Muslim medical students he says: "They get their job, they get their surgery - £50,000, £60,000, £70,000 a year. No struggle, no sacrifice."
  • The tapes were used to try to shame Muslim professionals to get more involved in violent jihad
  • ...a suicide bomber who killed 22 US soldiers and civilians in Iraq in December 2005 was named as a student from a Saudi medical school.
Ayman al-Zawahiri in al-Qaeda video
Ayman al-Zawahiri has a master's degree in surgery
As of 2001 there are over 20,000 Muslim Physicians, most of them Graduates from Foreign Medical School are practicing in American per the Islamic Medicine Association of North America(from Islam  This statistic taken from the President of this American Organization speech in Tehran, Iran......
From the UK Telegraph  Jihadi Doc in Australia
  • Police have searched two hospitals in Western Australia and are questioning a number of doctors over the plot to detonate car bombs in London and Glasgow
  • Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty said four Indian doctors had been interviewed and released, while another Indian doctor in New South Wales state was also being looked at in an investigation now spanning the country.
  • ...noone had yet been charged, describing the investigation as difficult and complex, spanning three Australian states and internationally. But any prosecutions would occur in Britain, he said, meaning Dr Haneef was likely to be extradited if police laid charges against him.
  • Police are examining 30,000 files on Dr Haneef's laptop computer and a Sim card mobile phone device he left with one of the British bomb suspects.
  • Permission to extend his interrogation came as hospital authorities in Western Australia said two suspects in the suspected al-Qa'eda car bomb plot in Britain had applied to work as doctors in the state.
  • Brothers Sabeel Ahmed, 26, and Kafeel Ahmed, 27, had applied for work and were rejected over reference concerns, said Dr Geoff Dobbs, the state president of the Australian Medical Association.
Dr. Mohamed Haneef, an Indian MUSLIM doctor working in Australia was arrested at Brisbane Airlport leaving Australia on a One-Way ticket comes from Bagnalore, India is the 3rd largest city in India with population of 6.5 million with ~14% of the citizens Muslims. Many Madrassa Seminaries in this Indian City....From:
Volume 23 - Issue 01, Jan. 14 - 27, 2006
India's National Magazine
from the publishers of THE HINDU
  • Thanks to its prosperity, Bangalore has in recent years attracted large numbers of mullahs from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, many of whom have set up madrassas. Although no verifiable figures are available, there are now some 200 madrassas serving the Bangalore area. More seminaries, and in turn more funding, means influence and power for the clerics who run them.

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