Friday, January 13, 2006

Hooray Senator Spectre

I hope everyone caught Senator Spectre's post hearing press conference. If not please listen to it on Cspan website. He made interesting comments regarding the repetitive questions asked by Senators and the wasted opportunity to illuminate the public. I have new found respect for Spectre and I believe President Bush's and Hugh Hewitt's support and advocacy of his last Senatorial race against Pat Toomey has been vindicated and paid off handsomely! Spectre's intelligently probing questions and firm control of the Democratic moonbat Senators was impressive. Chief Justice John Roberts is on the bench and it looks good for Judge Samuel "Neo" Alito in the face of Spectre's abortion on demand support. When Justice Stevens or Ginsburg step down hello Judges Luttig or Janice Rogers Brown. Congratulations and Thank you Senator Arlen Spectre. Like Hugh Hewitt says better a RINO than a Democrat. However not our Buddy Lincoln Chafes-me! He's not even RINO he's a DIME! (Democrat in Mentality Exclusively)


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