Thursday, January 12, 2006

Saint Sir Thomas More in juxtaposition to "Justice to be" Sir Samuel Alito

Judge Maryanne Trump-Berry's testimony of Judge Alito moved me to Tears... I was reminded of Desiderius Erasmus portrait of St. Thomas More:
"It is said that none are so free of vice. His countenance is in harmony with his character, being always expressive of an amiable joyousness, and even an incipient laughter and, to speak candidly, it is better framed for gladness than for gravity or dignity, though without any approach to folly or buffoonery. The right shoulder is a little higher than the left, especially when he walks. This is not a defect of birth, but the result of habit such as we often contract. In the rest of his person there is nothing to offend . . .He seems born and framed for friendship, and is a most faithful and enduring friend . . .When he finds any sincere and according to his heart, he so delights in their society and conversation as to place in it the principal charm of life . . .In a word, if you want a perfect model of friendship, you will find it in no one better than in More . . .In human affairs there is nothing from which he does not extract enjoyment, even from things that are most serious. If he converses with the learned and judicious, he delights in their talent, if with the ignorant and foolish, he enjoys their stupidity. He is not even offended by professional jesters. With a wonderful dexterity he accommodates himself to every disposition. As a rule, in talking with women, even with his own wife, he is full of jokes and banter. No one is less led by the opinions of the crowd, yet no one departs less from common sense . . . "(see Father Bridgett's Life, p. 56-60, for the entire letter).

If I believed in reincarnation after hearing Judge Berry I would think that Alito was St. Thomas More reincarnated. Judge Samuel Alito will be a Supreme Justice in this our Age, he is a gentle, humble. caring SOUL crowned with brillant intelect, truly "A Man for all Seasons" indeed... (link for American Rhetoric's audio of St. Thomas More's Plea to the King's Court)
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