Thursday, June 08, 2006

Goliath of Iraqi's Al Qaeda Franchise has been Flat-Lined by 500 pound JDAMS

Praise Goodness, the Goliath of the Al Qaeda Franshise in Iraq is Dead!
Before Reign of Terror

During Reign of Terror

After his Reign of Terror and Meeting his Maker!
Contrast the way the Cromagnum Media would report on this story if Al Zar-cow-wee had gotten away before the JDAMS hit? There is no doubt that they would use this as a club to pound the Rumsfeld Defense Department as incompetent bungling Barney Fifes!

Message to the MSM:In football parlance this is like taking out Texas QB and Rose Bowl MVP Vince Young in the NCAA National Collegiate Championship! Literary parlance the "Zar" was Al Qaed'a Goliath in Iraq. The Cromagnum Media's hidden agenda has been fossilized by the death of A Boo Al zar-Cow-WEEEEE! Thus the "stuck on stupid" comments by them!

This a small step for the Coalition's WWIJ(World War on Isalmic-Jihad) but a Giant Step for free Iraqis! Congrats Iraqi People and American Military led Multi-National Coalition against the WWJI!
Francisco Xavier


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