Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Joe AchenBach vs Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is like a Neutron Bomb for Lefties of the Paleolithic Media. They do not realize that you expose them by the questions you ask them and the responses that those questions elicit. The Emperors have no clothes and they have no insight that is what an interview with the Commish of New Media results in. They are really all Chia Heads ala Slo Joe even this Aca-Joe(Joe Achenbach) WaPo dude . They require Prozac or another Neuro-cognitive Medication like Provigil, used for Narcolepsy to get Neurons firing. Remember the High Priest of Beneath The Planet of the Apes. At least the human brains had evolved to the point where telepathy was possible. Well Hopefully Aca-Joe and Slow Joe Biden will get more neurons working from meds but not so much that they worship the one and only Bomb. Never the less an interview with Hugh Hewitt peels away the True Identity of Liberal Paleolithic Journalists ala Evolved High Priest from Beneath the Ape's Planet. Funny thing is these Journalistic South Paws do not realize that they have been exposed to Krptonite and the Enterprise's Deflective Shield have been brought down. Way to go Captain of New Media! Keep these thick skulled institutional Journalists coming and do that thing that you do, it is New Media Poetry to hear you peel off their Masks! We all know these folks vote for Democratic Dog Catchers!(This is a TOP SECRET and sacreligious to the secular left and MSM guys to reveal as they may get thier ACLU card revoked...) As if we don't know who they voted for when they plead the 5th, Duh!..


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