Friday, June 16, 2006

Regarding Achebach I remember the words of LBJ : He's- "lost heart." -I -" think" -he's- " Yellow...."

Achenblog writer and victim of the Hugh Hewitt voir dire will not post my comments to his blog, so I will.

  • Joel Achenbach, a former writer for the Miami Herald, is a commentator for National Public Radio and staff writer for the Washington Post, where he writes three columns a week for He also wrote a syndicated column for seven years called “Why Things Are,” and is the author of four books, the most recent being Captured by Aliens: The Search for Life and Truth in a Very Large Universe. He was graduated from Princeton University with a degree in political science. He lives in Washington, D.C., with his wife and three daughters.

    Joel Achenbach : This is the fourth time I have submitted my comment to your blog. As an All Knowing Blogger "so self-important that (we)they think that (We)they have a blog, therefore (we're)they're the authority on everything." I'm just a blogger, Joel, and this am I was still laughing and shaking my head over your interview with Hugh Hewitt. You are the Matador of the MSM and us bloggers are stupid Cow with Horns. If you are such a polished Journalist/Columnist Post my Comment. Or are my facts and comparisons too hard to deal with. As a 5 Star Columnist I challenge you to this duel of words and ideas. Can you hack it or is the Fourth Estate prefer to censor comments on the grounds that there is foul language? What your excuse Joel? To quote one of your Presidents, LBJ to his Chief of Staff Bill Moyers about the Chinese,
    "The Chinese and the fellas in The Kremlin, they'll be taking the measure of us. They'll be wondering just how far they could go. They'll think with Kennedy dead, we've lost heart. They'll think we're yellow and don't mean what we say."

    Come on Joel are you Yellow and have you lost Heart? I'll just post it to my site and prove that you are a Wimp although a Friendly one!
    Joel, I can not believe how clueless you are, Mr.
    Acapulco-Joe. This am I was on your WaPo blog and you just don't realize that he got spanked by Hugh Hewitt. You are truly revealed as a Military dyslexic. The first Gulf War was your "Model" of how to fight a War? Just the potential of a viable democracy in the the Arab/Islamic Middle East is an amazing accomplishment in and of itself. We lost as many soldiers in the Spanish American War(about 2,500) as we have in Gulf War II.
    I had to publish my "funny" assessment of suggestions to you of potential advice you could give to the Prez and Secretary Rumsfeld. Here it is: Oh yes, Joel, you better give me credit for this because you know humor is difficult and to quote you, Aca-joel "Hey, you know what? The world of humor is hard....It's very hard. It's very hard. "
    Per Hugh Hewitt, "Joel Achenbach is a "Nice fellow. Smart. Good writer. No doubt fun to have a beer with." However I think you are like most of the Paleolithic Media is Clueless about the WWIJ(World War on Islamic Jihad). You institutional fossilized media types like claim President George Bush and us conservatives want to setup a Theocratic State because we pray. However these you institutional folks fail to see that Radical Jihadists want to set up a worldwide Islamic Caliphate ala Taliban! What we Americans and coalition forces have accomplished in Iraq is truly nothing short of remarkable. Will democracy work in Iraq? No one knows, but the option of doing nothing is terrifying! The MSM does not get it! Joel you think that the First Gulf War was the perfect play by a rule book war run by President Bush the elder. If that is true was did President Bush the son have to go back? Duh! If I had a tongue in cheek exchange with Aca-henbach Joel it's go something like
    this and here is my eval of your exchange with Hugh Hewitt. Joel, I share the sentiments with Hugh Hewitt that you seem like a nice guy, but I'll bypass "having a Beer" with you. I think the Bloggers on the Conservative portion of the Blogosphere are more informed, realistic, pragmatic and funnier than you. Good luck you've got a great gig and its not so much that your are "funny" but your cluelessness over the World War on Islamic Jihad and what the USA and Coalition Forces have accomplished under President G. W. Bush is astonishing. But I realize it doesn't matter to you because you have a low opinion of us Bloggers per your own words: "You know, having a blog is not exactly the same thing as having a credential. I know that's a shock, because we live in a time when bloggers are so self-important that they think that they have a blog, therefore they're the authority on everything. I exercise my prerogative sometimes to not pose as the expert....." Well Aca-Joel I certainly am not a Military Expert but I have common sense which you seem to lack. I do not have a Journalism Degree and neither does Michael Steyn, Michael Yon, Michael Ware(I don't agree with his angle), Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham,Sean Hannity and neither did Benjamin Franklin when he started writing letters to The New England Courant, Boston's first paper.

  • At 15 Franklin began Awriting letters at night and using the alias of Silence Dogood, an anonymous and fictional widow. Silence's writings were filled with advice and was quite critical of the world around her, especially concerning the way women were treated. Franklin would sneak the letters under the print shop door at night to avoid his letting anyone know Silence's identity. These blogging post were a home run hit. Later in 1729, Benjamin Franklin bought a newspaper, the Pennsylvania Gazette. Franklin printed the paper and also blogged pieces to the paper under aliases. His newspaper became the most successful in the American colonies. This newspaper, among other firsts, would print the first political cartoon, authored by Ben himself. Then there was his blogging masterpiece in 1733 know as Poor Richard's Almanac.

Aca-Joe, I bet the Journalism Elite of Franklin's era looked down on him(for he was the historical equivalent of a blogger par excellance) just like you look down on us.(although your are PoliSci Major, right?). Look buddy I'm no Ben Franklin, far from it, but neither are you with your degree and WaPo Journalistic Pedigree. However, Sir your are a FOOL albeit per Hugh, a congenial one! Thanks, Joel for considering my writing because you know how hard it is to be the Nation's and the MSM's most important "Humorist"!.... Enjoy, Francis X. Yubero, M.D. of PowderTracks
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