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The "Rules of War" per General Joel Achenbach of WaPo

Per Hugh Hewitt, Joel Achenbach is a "Nice fellow. Smart. Good writer. No doubt fun to have a beer with. Wants to discuss politics, but only on his own terms. Doesn't want you to know who he voted for. Wants to turn every question about Michael Moore into a question about Michael Moore and Ann Coulter." Hugh's assessment is true but I think this Guy as most of the Paleolithic Media is Clueless about the WWIJ(World War on Islamic Jihad). These fossilized media types like Joel claim Pesident George Bush and us conservatives want to setup a Theocratic State because we pray. However these same folks fail to see that Radical Jihadists want to set up a worldwide Islamic Caliphate ala Taliban! What we Americans and coalition forces have accomplished in Iraq is truely nothing short of remarkabble. Will deomcracy work in Iraq? No one knows, but the option of doing nothing is terrifying! The MSM does not get it! Joel thought that the First Gulf War was the perfect play by a rule book war run by President Bush the elder. If that is true was did President Bush the son have to go back? Duh! If I had a tongue in cheek exhange with Aca-henbach Joel it's go something like this:
Joel please send these rules of War to President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld. Aca Joe, you have enlightened me about WAR! You would be a great Military General! Indeed your name was missing when a couple weeks ago I saw a History Channel profile of 5 Star Military Stalwarts like Generals Douglas McCathur, Omar Bradley, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Airforce's Hap Arnold, 5 Star Admirals Ernest Joesph King, William "Bull" Halsey Jr., Chester Nimitz and William Daniel Leahy
  • (ostensibly, Leahy was the first Head of the Joints Chief of Staff)
  • On July 20, 1942, Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy became the Chief of Staff to the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy. He was not technically the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. That post was established and first held by General of the Army Omar Bradley in 1949.

Aca- You are kinda a cross between Mchale's Navy's

Captain Wallace "Leadbottom" Binghamton, Tim Conway's character Ensign Charles Parker andF-Troops Capt.Wilton Parmenter(Ken Berry) and Cpl. Randolph Agarn. Joel because humor is difficult and to quote you "Hey, you know what? The world of humor is hard....It's very hard. It's very hard. " (from Radioblogger)

Joel, you should be nominated as the first Five Star General of the Paleolitic MSM and be its Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Humor for the White House. In this position you could help coordinate MSM Military Strategy with our National Leaders and Departmnent of Defense. I think everyone should follow Aca's advice and Here's the rule book for them to follow. Maybe our French, German and Spanish buddies will help us if we have some rules as a guide in this Guerrilla and asymmetrical New Age War where Kamikaze's are the norm unlike WWII when it was only Fighter Pilots that practiced this insane type of Warfare. Thanks Aca-Joe-l, Francisco/Francis U. S. Scouting Service Project at

Capture the Flag

This is one of the most popular outdoor games for scouts.

Traditional Rules

From the 1947 Scoutmaster's Handbook, pp 447-8:

Space - Large
Type - Strenuous
Teams - Half Troop
Formation - Informal
Equipment - Two Signal Flags
Each team has its own territory in which its Scouts are free to move as they please, but on which opponents enter at their peril. The territories are separated by a boundary line such as a brook or a trail, etc. Any Scout crossing this line may be captured by the enemy.
The teams assemble close together at a starting point near the center of the line, each team in its own territory. On a signal the teams proceed to set their flags at any point within 200 steps of the starting point The flags must be visible, although it is permissible to place them as inconspicuously as possible.
After three minutes another signal is given for start of game. The object now is to enter the enemy's territory, capture the flag, and carry it across the line into home territory without being caught. Scouts may be posted to guard the flag, but not get nearer than 50 feet to it, unless an enemy Scout goes within the 50-foot circle. They may then follow him.
Any Scout found in the enemy's territory may be captured by grasping him long enough for the captor to say "Caught!" three times. When a Scout is captured he must go with captor to the "guard house" - a tree or rock from the boundary line.
A prisoner may be released by a friend touching him, provided the prisoner at that time is touching the guard house with a hand or a foot, whereupon both return to their own territory. If the rescuer is caught by the guards before he touches the prisoner, he, too, must go to the guard house. A rescuer can rescue only one prisoner at a time.
If the flag is successfully captured, it must be carried across the line into home territory. If the raider is caught before he reaches home, the flag is set up again at the point where it was rescued and the game as before. If neither side captures the enemy's flag within the time agreed up on (say, 1/2 hour) the game is won by the team with the most prisoners.

New Ideas

Hidden Flag

Allow each team to hide their flag out of sight. Before starting the game allow a scout from each team to be shown where the flag is. He must describe accurately, to his team, where the flag is. This requires that the scout be very observant.

Get Out of Jail Free

All team members caught in the jail can be set free when a single teammate touches the jail. BUT, they do not have free passage back to their territory.

Jail Break

If the game begins to stall, allow the judges to yell "Jail Break." At this moment all players in both jails are free to escape.

Orienteering Skills 1

Leaders hide flags and give 2 starting points for each team along a base line. Teams are split in two and sent to the starting points. At the starting point each group is given a compass bearing to their OWN flag. Each group follows its bearing - if they do it correctly the flag will be near where the bearings cross. Once each team locates its flag they will also find a map with bearings to the "enemy flag" which was left there. The game then proceeds as usual. (Contributed by Mike Mullen, Troop 6, Boston Minuteman Council).

Orienteering Skills 2

Give both teams maps with starting points marked and bearings, and let them work it out on the map rather than having to actually walk the bearings. (Contributed by Mike Mullen, Troop 6, Boston Minuteman Council).

Oh, Darn it Aca-joe my suggestion will not work because it come from a Boys Scouts of America Website and this is not Politically Correct and if adopted could steer America ever closer to a Bush and Faldwell Bilblical Theocracy. Well why don't you do your own "its hard to be a Humorist" research and find a Rules of WAR playbook. I suggest a Jihad type Al Qaeda website might be a good place to start looking for "Rules of Running a War"!....


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