Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Surrender Democrats in the US Congress kick a Goal in for the Jhadists....

Indeed victory is never assured in anything but the Black Clouds constantly forecast by the weather reports of the Michael Wares from the MSM's and the Democrats donning their Rain Apparel serve to make the Jihadists' skies more clear. These ominous weather reports take the wind out of our sails and direct the rigging used by our enemies the Terrorists! United we stand and divided we fall! It is as simple as that. Of course these Quislings want us to lose as then it will be Vietnam the Model War, an unwinnable one, for Liberals all over again. Liberal Thinking and Wisdom is that the US Military should be a Gilding! Vietnam was a war started by the Democrats and tagged by historians as a Republican one and the defeat placed in the GOP column. In a similar fashion the GWOT is a Democrat War that began in earnest under Clinton but he treated as a Criminal action and one a Republican(Bush) treated as a war but like during the Vietnam War was hamstrung by the Democrats! The parallels are striking.

It's Official, We're Winning from powerline Blog:

That's what Blog of the Week--rapidly turning into Blog of the Spring--Jules Crittenden says, anyway:

… we can win in Iraq, we are winning in Iraq, and George Bush's surge strategy is responsible for it. Not even the AP can ignore it* anymore:
The US military has captured the leaders of a car-bombing ring blamed for killing hundreds of Iraqis.
The news came as the departing US ambassador said Americans are in ongoing talks with insurgent representatives to try to persuade them to turn against al-Qaeda.

It is noteworthy, though the AP can't quite bring itself to note it, that the anti-al-Qaeda Sunni insurgents have advanced beyond the Democratic congressional leadership in their thinking:

Khalilzad said the talks have shifted from "unreasonable demands" by the groups for a US withdrawal to forming an alliance against al-Qaeda. He said the effort has gained support among tribal leaders and even some insurgents.
"Iraqis are uniting against al-Qaeda," he said.

It's been reported on and off for a long time that Sunni insurgents are turning against al Qaeda. Armed clashes between the two groups have been reported from time to time.

I do think the surge is showing results, but our concern, as always, is that the kind of violence that the terrorists in Iraq rely on--car bombs, etc.--is easy enough to carry out that if the standard of success in Iraq is an absence of violence, it may never be satisfied despite our best efforts.

Giving a date as to when we are leaving is like giving the neighborhood thieves your vacation itinerary. We are still in Japan and Germany, a Democrat President's war, we are still in Korea, another war run by a Democrat, we are still in Kosovo another war presided over by a Democrat. American Soldiers are keeping the Peace in these places some 60 years later. We are no longer in Vietnam, Presidents Nixon and Ford got us out and we are no longer in Kuwait thanks to President George H. Bush. Hmmmmmm? Who is better at managing Wars on this scale? In reality all these wars are American Wars but it seem Republicans don't play partisan games!....The Democrats leave the goal empty.....

That's what I think folks!
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