Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Michael Ware CNN Bagdad Station's WereWolf Reporter and the Iranian's Art of War!....

Aussie reporter Michael Were Wolf is a foul man. He carries the wares for the Jihadist. He a par excellence Yellow Journalist. Instead of "Remember the Mane" he will shout in his articles remember the Minarets and hooray for the Hi-jab! I wonder if WB's Hanna Barbera had him in mind when they created the Tasmania Devil! :)

BTW if the Iranians let the Brits go it'll be perceived by Liberals that negotiation is a good tactic to use with the Them. This will be the carrot the Iranians use to keep the Occidental World from engaging them with force on the Atomic Bomb issue.
It is a smoke screen that will give them time to get the A-Bomb. IT is a con job to keep us from fighting them.... an example of a Sun TZU Art of War tactic! The Chinese have been providing them with arms, war machinery and nuclear bomb technology. Why not borrow from their legacy of War as well? Wake up "Men of the WEST!"


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