Saturday, July 07, 2007

Anatomy of a Jihad Plot by a Special Ops type self contained Medical Muslim Cell

Sabeel Ahmed

Sabeel Ahmed

This is a true to life tale that should be spine chilling to all. This Indian Family of Muslims from well healed backgrounds turn into Mafia like Killers for the Gifts of Paradise offered by Islam. They gave up all corporeal things for the pipe dream of Vestal Virgins and all that killing infidels and Martyrdom offers......from the UK Telegraph

Friends and neighbours of the Ahmed family say the brothers changed dramatically three years ago after joining the Tablighi Jamaat missionary group.
  1. Evidence has emerged that the cell may also have planned attacks in Australia and the US. Kafeel and his brother Sabeel, who has also been arrested, had applied to work in Australia but were turned down and the FBI in America said Mohammed Asha, another suspect, contacted the US educational commission for foreign medical graduates, a clearing house for foreign doctors, but did not take the required test.
  2. Kafeel Ahmed is said to have told his family that a previous "presentation" had failed - suspected to have been the attempted attack on a London nightclub the day before - and asked for them to pray for his success in a second attempt.
  3. Sources have told The Daily Telegraph that the devices built by the bomb makers included high explosive as part of the detonator, which failed to go off.
  4. Another suspect, who has also been arrested, had a page on a social networking internet site called Orkut in which a series of messages had been left in the run-up to the attack by a user calling himself "mujahid" [holy warrior].
  5. On June 11, it read "when is kafeel comin bk" and on June 15 "inshaallah things will hpn soon, ill pray 4 u".
  6. It emerged that Kafeel Ahmed left his home in Bangalore, India, on May 5 to travel to Britain, telling his family he was involved in a "confidential project".
  7. According to family members he told them: "I am involved in a large-scale confidential project. It is about global warming. I cannot reveal the details.
  8. "It involves a lot of travelling. I have to present a lot of papers at various places. The project has to be started in the United Kingdom.
  9. "After starting it there, I will come back to Bangalore and continue it from here.
  10. "Various people from various countries are involved in this. There is an Indian with me and he is helping me out. He has given his car to me for travelling.
  11. "During the project work in the UK, I will not be available by any means - phone or internet - for a week. So, please do not worry."
  12. Hours before the Glasgow attack he spoke to his mother Zakia and sister Sadia, and told them: "I had told you earlier that sometime in future I will be inaccessible for a week. The time has come now.
  13. "I will go to that place, finish that work and go to London and will return to Bangalore from there. All this may take a month's time."
  14. Investigators are interpreting "large-scale confidential project work" as terrorist plans and the "presentation" as an attack.
Heaven and all your Angels help us against these lost and misguided Souls.
Mohammed Haneef
Mohammed Haneef
Kafeel Ahmed
Kafeel Ahmed


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