Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Web of Jihadists comes into focus

The Muslim Physician being held in India, Dr. Haneef is the cousin of the Ahmed brothers being held in England who are Muslims from India as well.  Safeel is a Physician and Kafeel is not, but both their Parents are(that blows a car bomb sized hole into the MSM Theory that only the disaffected Youths are being radicalized as touted by Liberals). 
Kafeel is the knucklehead that set himself on Fire in Glasgow and he is an Engineer working on devices for the blind. Per authorities he lived with Dr. Abdulla and the first floor of the apartment was a bomb making factory.  Kafeel must have been the "Technical Mastermind" ala Khalid Sheik Mohammed.
Just found this out from the BBC.  
I have updated my posts to reflect this.  Thus 3 of the Docs are Indian Muslims and authorities in Australia have interviewed 6 other Muslim Indians but released them for now.  I told you India was a potential problem not because of the largely Hindu Nation but because the Muslim minority is huge, almost 200 million Muslims(2nd largest Muslim Population in the World).
As I have said before there are over 200 Madrasas in Bangalore where these Jihadist come from.  In addition to the 100 Medical Schools in the Middle East there are 30 some in Pakistan and 20 some in Bangladesh over 230 in India, 28 in Indonesia, 10 in Malaysia and 12 in Thailand.  Lots of Muslims in these Countries and thus Schools.

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