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British Terrorist Cell was a Medical Team of talented Jihadi Doctors

Can anyone with a sober mind on the Left challenge what most of the "Loud" people have known about Jihad.  The Occidental World and the United States in particular is the obstacle which stands in the way of a World Wide Caliphate.  There were 6 Physicians and 1 a Medical Student who must have been pretty talented as they were the Docs were foreign graduates and were working in England. 
LONDON (AP) - Ayman al-Zawahri, al-Qaida's No. 2. George Habash of the PLO. Mahmoud Zahar, the Hamas strongman in Gaza. All trained as doctors - as did at least seven suspects in the failed bomb attacks in Britain.
``People often assume that terrorists are poor, disadvantaged people who are brainwashed or need the money. But the ones who actually perpetrate violence without handlers and manipulation are highly intelligent by necessity,'' said Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism expert at the Swedish National Defense College in Stockholm.
``It's only the smart ones who will survive security pressures in a subversive existence. Sometimes they are doctors, a profession that provides a brilliant cover and allows entry to countries like Britain,'' he said in an interview Tuesday.
At least five of the eight suspects in the failed terrorist attacks in London and Glasgow, Scotland, were identified as doctors from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and India, while staff at a Glasgow hospital said two others were a doctor and a medical student.
``It sends rather a chill down the spine to think that people's values can be so perverted,'' said Pauline Neville-Jones, former head of the Joint Intelligence Committee, which advises the British government.
They had promising careers yet chose Martyrdom!  Of course they are true Assassins!  Does anyone doubt they will use a Muke(Mullah's Nuke)?....Like the Bomb Slim Pickens rode in Dr. Strangelove these citizen soldiers of Islam will try to destroy the Occidental World.  Islam is a very dangerous Religion as a sizable segment of its most talented adherents are attracted to this cult of Death.  
Indeed Islam is a dangerous religion when its most talented and smartest who have taken up Medicine a field whose
  • [French, from Medieval Latin assassînus, from Arabic ḥaððâðîn, pl. of ḥaððâð, hashish user, from ḥaðîð, hashish; see hashish.]
    Word History: Active in Persia and Syria from the 8th to 14th centuries, the original Assassins were members of the Nizaris, a Muslim group who opposed the Abbasid caliphate with threats of sudden assassination by their secret agents. Other populations of the area regarded the Nizaris as unorthodox outcasts, and from this attitude came one of the names for the group, ḥaððâðîn, a word originally meaning "hashish users," which had become a general term of abuse. Reliable sources offer no evidence of hashish use by Nizari agents, but sensationalistic stories of murderous, drug-crazed ḥaððâðîn or Assassins were widely repeated in Europe. Marco Polo tells a tale of how young Assassins were given a potion and made to yearn for paradise—their reward for dying in action—by being given a life of pleasure. As the legends spread, the word ḥaððâðîn passed through French or Italian and appeared in English as assassin in the 16th century, already with meanings like "treacherous killer."
Beloved by the Left "Revolutionary" Che Guevara was a Medical Doctor before he became Fidel Castro's Executioner.  Don't belive me
"In March (1953), he passed his finals and obtained his diploma as a physician. His specialty was dermatology.
Also see Humberto Fontova's biography of Dr. Che Guevara, yet another fanatic but a Marxist one.
One of my mentors in Residency was an Iranian Physician who scored either the highest or 2nd highest score in the USA the year she took her written Board Certification Examination.  She told me that the Best Students in the Middle East go to Medical School once those slots are filled then the next best ones go to Engineering School. 
Medicine and Physicians in the Muslim World hold a most exalted positions and probably the loftiest after Imams. 
The History of Modern Medicine and the Residency Training system we use today can find his roots in the Islamic World.  Our Modern Hospital Centers are based a system of Training and Care delivery that the Arabs and Muslims came up with after learning basic Medical Principles cultivated by the Romans and Greeks.  Texts from Greece and Rome were translated into Arabic and studied by arab and Islamic scholars and their Physicians developed and refined Hippocrate's theories.
Islamimic Hospitals were not just for the wealthy but were centers were rich and poor alike were treated. Islamic hospitals of the time would not look out of place today, with medical and surgical wards as well as operating theatres and pharmacies for the dispensing of medicines. By 931 AD, large hospitals were involved in the training and licensing of doctors and pharmacists(a reflection of Our Modern Training System).
Arabic doctors performed many kinds of surgical operations including the removal of varicose veins, kidney stones and the replacement of dislocated limbs. Sponges soaked in narcotic drugs which were placed over the patient's nose as early anaesthetics.
One of the most important medical books of its time was written by the physician Ali al-Husayn Abd Allah Ibn Sina (also known as Avicenna). His massive manuscript, called the Laws of Medicine, was completed around 1030 AD and translated into Latin in the 12th Century. This encyclopaedia of medicine contained five books detailing the formulation of medicines, diagnosis of disorders, general medicine and detailed therapies. It continued to be a great influence in the development of medicine in medieval Europe for hundreds of years.
Wake up America the next cell could be Muslim Physics and Engineering students working in our midst across different Universities who collaborate and figure out how to put together a Nuclear Bomb.  Why not/ They could be determined Jihadists too!..... 
Men from this revered Tradition become Assassins!
God Help us!.

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Dear Doc, would love for you to explore this in a "weekly standard"
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