Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Caveat Emptor on all the Islamic Docs working in the West! Jihadi Code Team of Physicians will stay with me...

Hugh:  Yesterday when I was a caller on the Hugh Hewitt show and commented that I am now more suspect than before when interacting with the large number of Physicians I work with from "countries of interest" after what happened in the UK.  The 27 year old Indian Doctor Mohammed Haneef, being held in Australia is a Muslim and please note that there are almost 200 Million Muslims(est.>20% pf population) in India.  Of the ~35,000 Physicians working in the UK over 27.000 are from India.  I say Caveat Emptor!  Here are the Particulars:
  • ``He is innocent,'' said Haneef's mother, Qurrathunain, 48, in an interview at her home in the Indian city of Bangalore today. ``He is being targeted because he is a Muslim."
  • "Brisbane airport on Monday night attempting to leave Australia with a one-way ticket to Malaysia. '' Other reports indicate he had a one way ticket to Pakistan
  • A leader of the group al-Qaeda in Iraq warned Canon Andrew White, an Anglican minister working in Baghdad, in April of attacks on U.K. targets and suggested they could be carried out by medics, the cleric told British Broadcasting Corp. television in a telephone interview today.
  • White said he met the man at a conference on religious reconciliation in the Jordanian capital, Amman. ``He said the people who cure you will kill you,'' White told the BBC.
I believe Hugh Hewitt interviewed interviewed these Iraqi Physicians on his Show in 2005?  I hope he will try to track them down and do a recorded interview.  As you know from my earlier psot 2 of the Jihadi Docs were from Iraq?  It would be quite a score if Hugh Hewitt could interview them....Dr. Hamdan & Dr. Mayah visting Global Operations and Development's facilities with Juliana Ditty
Dr. T. A. Hamdan and Dr. Khalid Mayah visited the headquarters of Global Operations and Development yesterday. Dr. Hamdan, the Chairman of the Orthopaedic Surgery Dept. and Dean of the School of Medicine, University of Basrah, Iraq and Dr. Mayah, Neurosurgeon and Director of the Teaching Hospital of the University of Basrah were joined by Vance O. Gardner M.D. and Don Marquis, (President and Vice President of MediMultiMedia) and Juliana Ditty, Co-Founder of Global Operations and Development. At Global Operations, they toured the facility and discussed future projects.

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