Thursday, July 05, 2007

UK Jihadi Docs, US Terrorist Doctor Plot and Madrid Train Trial have Bosnian Al Qaeda Connection!

The Scotland Yard uncovered plot brought to or attention by Hugh Hewitt "To carry out car bomb attacks in the United States involving 45 doctors"  was spear headed by an IT expert using the on line name Irhaby 007, Arabic for Terrorist 007 who set up websites from their bedrooms in London and Kent to spread extremist Islamic propaganda.
The three Jihadist Tariq Al-Daour, 21, Younis Tsouli, 23, and Waseem Mughal, 24, have pleaded guilty to inciting terrorist murder and conspiracy to defraud, were sentenced.have been linked to Bosnian Islamic Terrorists.  These three came to attention in October 2005 when detectives followed a trail from two terrorists arrested in Bosnia. They were found to be in possession of a vast collection of extremist material on their laptops.  See UK's daily Mail
Furthermore this Doctor Driven US car bomb plan discussed above had blueprints similar to the Jidhadi Doctor attack in the UK last week.
has similarities to the failed attacks in London and Glasgow but investigators say they have found no link between the two groups. As the national terror threat level was reduced from critical to severe, details were uncovered today of the links between last week's bombing suspects.
Interestingly Doctors:
Kafeel Ahmed, 27, who drove the Jeep into Glasgow airport, is the brother of Sabeel Ahmed, 26, the doctor arrested in Liverpool. They are cousins of Mohammed Haneef, 27, the Indian doctor arrested in Australia. The three are believed to have studied together in Bangalore.
Kafeel Ahmed, who is still in hospital with 90 per cent burns, studied technology in Cambridge and police suspect he may have been the bomb maker.
A similar Bosnian Terrorist Connection has been linked to the Madrid Train Bombings and presented current Trial in Spain which is ended on July 2, 2007 after the Defense Teams("All pleaded not guilty"right! ) presented their final arguments!  See Balkin
According to [investigation by the Italian authorities], mujahedin who participated in the Bosnian civil wars were imported from an al Qaeda training camp near Zenica to help with the bombings in Madrid, and other attacks possibly being planned for the future.
"Their road was from Zenica through Split to Ancona" says the paper, citing Italian authorities who point to the Balkan map found in the Madrid apartment of Syrian-born terrorist mastermind Edin Barakat Yarkas, also know as Abu Dahdah, following the September 11th 2001 attacks. The map highlighted training camps and transport routes from Bosnia to Western Europe...
Here is more on the Muslim Bosnia connection from a Pravda article!
The Spanish Interior Ministry says the 22-year-old has been detained in Serbia for breaching immigration rules by being in possession of a false Iraqi passport naming him as Midhat Salah from ABC News.
The Agenda Media needs to open their eyes and Connect the DOTS!

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