Thursday, July 05, 2007

More info on the one the Iraqi Docs & influences that turned him into a Jihadi Doctor Mengele type

ABC News  reported that Dr. Bilal Talal Abdul Samad Abdulla was an Iraqi Kurd.  However, latest reports indicate he was born in the UK whene his father, also a physician was getting post graduate Medical Training there in the 1980's.  This guy was a radical for years so much so that even his mother feared not wearing the Islamic Hijab or Islamic Heard type covering.  He watched DVDs of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi beheading a hostages when he felt other Muslims were not praying enough and reportedly said  "He said, 'If you don't change, this is what we do. We slaughter."
  • Not much is known at the moment about Abdulla. According to BBC News, he is an Iraqi Kurd, who is registered to work in the U.K. till mid-August 2007.
  • Counter-terrorist officials said they suspected one or two jihadists with medical qualifications may have been sent to the UK and instructed to recruit accomplices. There was also evidence from phone records that a "guiding hand" may be at large outside the country.
  • One of the suspected al-Qaida supporters who attacked Glasgow airport had allegedly fallen under the influence of an Iraqi cleric who lavishes praise upon suicide bombers, his family said yesterday.
  • Bilal Talal Abdulla, an Iraqi doctor working at a hospital near the airport, had met Sheikh Ahmad al-Qubeisi at a mosque in Baghdad and would later describe him as "my best friend".
  • An uncle of Dr Abdulla, who has lived in the UK for almost 20 years, said: "When Ahmad came on television he would say that he knew him. He called him his best friend. I think he brainwashed him." He said Dr Adbulla was related to al-Qubeisi through marriage.
  • Al-Qubeisi, who has a regular television show on Dubai television, spoke of suicide bombing in 2004 telling viewers "those who commit martyrdom operations who are, by Allah, the greatest martyrs in Islamic history".
  • At al-Mansour high school and later at Baghdad College, Bilal Talal Abdulla was known as an earnest young scholar whose fervent Islamic faith seemed at times to border on the over-zealous. His mother was apparently afraid to remove her headscarf in his presence. And one classmate recalls an incident when he tried to destroy a crucifix dropped by a Christian student in a classroom. According to the classmate, he never again spoke to those who insisted on returning it to its owner.
  • In Baghdad, however, he is remembered as a figure from whom classmates kept their distance. "By high school he was known as a Wahhabi," said one former classmate. "He was a Sunni extremist."
Dr. Abdulla may have grauated from a Medical School in Bagdad but he is no different than other Heart of Darkness Physicians like Fidel Castro's Argentine Executioner Che Guevara, M.D., Adolf Hitler's Josef Mengele M.D.
In our current Era in addition to the 7 Jihadi Docs or Student Docs, other Vile Human Physicians who have gone to the Dark Sign are Predominantly Muslim too:
  1. Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri--Al-Qaeda mastermind and number two man, reportedly a surgeon and/or psychiatrist;
  2. Dr. Mohammad Rabi Al-Zawahiri--Ayman's father and a Muslim Brotherhood enthusiast, pharmacologist and professor at Ain Shams Medical School;
  3. Dr. "Abu Hafiza"--Al-Qaeda master planner who was the brains and commander of the Moroccan cell that provided logistics for the 9/11 attacks, and he recruited Qaeda insurgents for battles in Fallujah, Moroccan psychiatrist;
  4. Dr. Abdel Aziz Al-Rantisi--Late HAMAS leader, pediatrician;
  5.  Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahar--HAMAS co-founder and leader, surgeon and lecturer at the Islamic University in Gaza;
  6.  Dr. Fathi Abd Al-Aziz Shiqaqi--Late founder of Islamic Jihad and active in Fatah, physician;
  7.  Dr. George Habash--Founder and chief of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), pediatrician (which is interesting since he rocketed a school bus full of children in Avivim, Israel;  HT Debbie Schussel
  8. Dr. Bashar Assad--President of Terror-sponsor state Syria, welcoming home to every Islamic terrorist group imaginable, ophthalmologist.
  9. Dr. Mohammed Al-Hindi  Palesinian Islamic Jihad
Doctors Hippocrates(Greek), Avicenna(the Islamic Hippocrates born in Uzbekistan)and Averroes was an Andalusian-Arab philosopher and physician, born in Cordoba, Spain, dying in Marrakech, Morocco must be rolling in their gaves......

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