Thursday, July 05, 2007

Muslim Docs & their Veils in UK and India produces a significant number of M.D.s to the West

Interesting Info on the Muslim Physician issue with info on the significant number coming from the Muslim Community of India like 2 of the Jihadi Code Blue UK Docs.  The Majority are great assets but the Minority are Dangerous....Eat an Apple a Day!
Although the General Medical Council has not published any guidance on the issue, it has issued a statement warning of the possible dangers.
It said: "We do not consider that wearing a face veil, in and of itself, necessarily has any effect on a doctor's ability to practise medicine.
"However, good communication between patients and doctors is essential to effective care and relationships of trust, and patients may find that a face veil presents an obstacle to effective communication."
Yesterday, Birmingham's move was backed by Higher Education Minister Bill Rammell who said he supported universities which banned Muslim students and staff from wearing the veil.
"Many teachers would feel uncomfortable about their ability to teach students who were covering their faces," he said.
"Doctors For TheWorld: Indian Physician Emigration"
Although 80 percent of the people are Hindu, India is the home of more than 120 million Muslims (making it the third-largest Muslim nation in the world)
Medicine and the "brain drain." The British brought European medicine to India in the nineteenth century; today allopathic medicine is a popular and revered profession. During the latter half of the twentieth century, large numbers of Indian physicians traveled to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia in pursuit of residency training and practice positions. The total number of graduates
of Indian medical colleges now practicing in these four countries is 59,095—a workforce equivalent to 10.1 percent of the 592,215 physicians registered by the Medical Council of India.1 From the perspective of the recipient countries, Indian medical immigration has brought enormous talent to the medical workplace and helped buffer physician shortages in these countries.

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