Thursday, July 05, 2007

Paging David Allen White to teach Muslim Physicians about their roots in Medicine and the Influence of their own Islamic Physicians on all Doctors!

This nice little tidbit on Abdulla from The Guardian merits a couple of refreshers courses from Professor David Allen White for Muslim Doctors!
  • At al-Mansour high school and later at Baghdad College, Bilal Talal Abdulla was known as an earnest young scholar whose fervent Islamic faith seemed at times to border on the over-zealous. His mother was apparently afraid to remove her headscarf in his presence. And one classmate recalls an incident when he tried to destroy a crucifix dropped by a Christian student in a classroom. According to the classmate, he never again spoke to those who insisted on returning it to its owner.
Dr. Abdulla must not know or have read the works of the Islamic Hypocrites

"The world is divided into men who have wit and no religion and men who have religion and no wit."
Averroes another great Islamic Physician(as well as a Lawyer & Philosopher who translated Aristotle) who was mentioned in by Dante.  In the Divine Comedy this Islamic Physician is mention with the great pagan philosophers whose spirits dwell in "the place that favor owes to fame". Averroes from Cordoba, Spain was so revered by the West? Aristole's works either because they were largely ignored of were destroyed by Barbarians' sacking of Rome, did not catch on until Averroes works on Aristole were discovered.  Averroes Arabic works on Aristotle were one of the catalysts for moving Europe out of the Middle Ages into the Renaissance?  After Averroes death his influential analytical thinking approach to interpret the Quran was abandoned coincided with a change in the culture of Al-Andalus(Islamic Spain). In the Doctor's work Fasl al-Maqâl (The Decisive Treatise), Averroes stressed the importance of analytical thinking as a prerequisite to interpret the Qur'an.  
    • Averroes is most famous for his translations and commentaries of Aristotle's works, which had been mostly forgotten in the West. Before 1150 only a few translated works of Aristotle existed in Latin Europe, and they were not studied much or given much credence by monastic scholars. It was through the Latin translations of Averroes's work beginning in the 12th century that the legacy of Aristotle was recovered in the West.
      Averroes's work on Aristotle spans almost three decades, and he wrote commentaries on almost all of Aristotle's work except for Aristotle's Politics, to which he did not have access. Hebrew translations of his work also had a lasting impact on Jewish philosophy. His ideas were assimilated by Siger of Brabant and Thomas Aquinas and others (especially in the University of Paris) within the Christian scholastic tradition which valued Aristotelian logic. Famous scholastics such as Aquinas believed him to be so important they did not refer to him by name, simply calling him "The Commentator" and calling Aristotle "The Philosopher." Averroes also greatly influenced philosophy in the Islamic world. His death coincides with a change in the culture of Al-Andalus. In his work Fasl al-Maqâl (translated a. o. as The Decisive Treatise), he stresses the importance of analytical thinking as a prerequisite to interpret the Qur'an; this is in contrast to orthodox Muslim theology, where the emphasis is less on analytical thinking but on extensive knowledge of sources other than the Qur'an, i.e. the hadith.
Averroes's work on Plato's Republic played an influential role in helping to make the Platonic tradition an important force in the West and in general was a important fountain for medieval political philosophy.  Additionally Averroes was one of those who predicted the existence of a new world beyond the Atlantic Ocean.
After Averroes' death the fundamentalist approach to Muslim theology grew and placed emphasis on less analytical thinking and more reliance the Hadith.  Guess Dr. Abudlla and the other Jihadi Doctors did take Avicenna & Avveroes History Courses in Medical School.....

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