Saturday, July 07, 2007

"Suspect's Grand Plan"...UK terrorist Doc Bilal Abdulla was a Radical Sunni

Interesting details are coming out about the UK Code Jihad Doctors Mengele of Islam are emerging.  These people are Evil Incarnate.  The Ahmed brothers of Bangalore India are the children of Parents who are both Physicians.  They were kicked out of a Mosque in Bangalore for being to radical. Dr. Abdulla of Iraq is related by to an Al-Qaeda Imam by marriage who advocated Suicide Bombings against US Soldiers and Shia(see Nightline's Terry moran interview below).  These Guys wanted to die as Martyrs.   Read more excerpts from The Herald Sun of Australian article below:
  1. Indian national Kafeel Ahmed, an aeronautical engineer with a doctorate from Britain, was one of the men held after a blazing Jeep was driven into Glasgow Airport.
  2. It has been alleged Dr Ahmed was a bomb-maker and driver of the Jeep Cherokee.
  3. He is being treated for serious burns
  4. It emerged yesterday he and his brother, Sabeel -- also a suspect in the bombings -- reportedly tried to persuade their local Indian mosque to become more hard-line.
  5. The Independent newspaper in the UK reported the brothers were forced out of a Bangalore mosque five or six years ago before they moved to Britain because of their hardline views.
  6. A third Indian from Bangalore, Mohammed Haneef, was detained in Australia in connection with the conspiracy as he prepared to leave on a one-way ticket for India.
  7. He is a cousin of the Ahmed brothers, family sources said.
  8. Police who subdued the men who rammed the fuel-laden jeep into Glasgow airport said the pair wanted to die and had no idea what to do when they survived.
  9. "The fact that they were still alive probably perplexed them a bit and they really didn't know what to do after that."
  10. The Glasgow Jeep Passenger, Iraqi Doctor Bilal Abdulla was related by marriage to a hard-line Iraqi cleric who advocates suicide bombings.
  11. He went missing for a year in his medical training and is believed to have travelled to Pakistan or Lebanon, The Times reported yesterday.
  12. Some of the eight suspects are reported to have stolen medical equipment to use as part of the detonation system.
  13. They are thought to have taken the equipment from the hospital in Paisley where at least three suspects worked.
  14. Syringes packed with high explosive are known to have been used in car bombs by Palestinian terrorist groups.
Evil Doctors of Death all of them!  No Psychologist nor Psychiatrist needed to profile these Monsters.  These Monsters break the Liberal Psychological Profile of Disaffected Youths!  What do Indian Muslims have in common with Iraqi Muslims?  Even though they are of a different Race the Indian Muslims were probably Sunni (as are 80% of Muslims in India).  Dr. Abdulla was a Sunni who supported the sectarian violence in Iraq and considered Shia heretics per Terry Moran of Nightline interview with a former Dr. Abdulla friend.  This is a very telling interview. 
    He supported the insurgency in Iraq. He has, you know, actively cheered the deaths of British and American troops in Iraq. But also, supported, which is quite unusual, the sectarian conflict, and so supported the Sunni attacks on the Shias. And he had personal experience of this with what he told me. One of his best friends had been killed by a Shi'a militia gang in Iraq when he was at - medical school.
  • Overall, Bilal believed in the al Qaeda vision for Iraq. And that isn't just directed at the, the idea of wanting British and American troops out of Iraq, he believed in the al Qaeda vision of killing the Shi'as. He - he believed they were heretics and they were deviants from Islam. So he supported the killing of Shi'as and, and the Sunni insurgent attacks against them.

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