Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tehran and the Muslim Doctor from India via Australia may be dancing a Dangerous Jig in the UK

The evidence that Liberals in America should stop complaining about the Patriot Act is found in today's Daily Mail which reports about the "Chatter" dealing with Car Bombs and Baby Face Mohammed Haneef.  Seems the young Doctor, from Bangalore, was packing more than a stethoscope & penicillin in his doctor's bag and hospital charts on his on his PDA.  This Muslim Physician from India along with his Jihadi Team of Doctors were apparently on an MI-5 suspect watch list. The maligned Patriot Act seems like a deal when a couple of his buddies scoped out the requirements/prerequisites for Physicians to come and sow Jihad in American Medical Centers.... Iraqi, Dr.Bilal Abdullah, has his day in court too, and is charged with Bomb Plots!
Mohammed Haneef
  • Up to four of the men under arrest were "known" to the Intelligence and Security Services and had "come across the radar" of MI5 during previous anti-terror inquiries but they were considered low priority and there was no suggestion they were involved in terrorist activities.
  • The Mail can also reveal that "significant" links between the bomb plot, the terror cell and Iran are being investigated after intelligence was uncovered indicating a "Tehran involvement
  • Telephone calls and e-mails to and from Iran have been linked to a number of the suspects questioned in Britain and Australia since the discovery of the Mercedes car bomb outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub in the Haymarket nine days ago.
  • Senior government officials have been briefed about the Iranian connection amid concern that links could be uncovered to elements within Iran's own security administration.
  • The issue will place further strains on the already troubled relationship between Tehran and London following the humiliating capture of 15 British sailors and Royal Marines.
  • One of the doctors held as a key figure in the 'NHS' terror plot was heard in a discussion on car bombings with other suspects.
  • Investigators in Australia disclosed that the conversation was monitored during anti-terror operations and passed on to the Security Services.
  • In Britain, telephone, e-mails and other conversations, known as "chatter", are monitored by the GCHQ, the Government's listening base in Cheltenham and through bugging, while the same function is carried out in Australia by the Defence Signals Directorate in Canberra.
  • The disclosure that one of the seven men held was actually known to have been part of a discussion about car bombing came as police in Brisbane continued to question Indian doctor Mohammed Haneef about his alleged links to the terror plot.
  • British officials are acutely aware that Iranian technology, expertise and hardware has been used in car bombings in Iraq and in particular in more than a dozen fatal attacks with improvised explosive devices on UK troops operating around the second city of Basra.
  • Both UK and U.S. intelliablegence have warned in the past year that Iran's terror tactics employed so successfully by insurgents in Iraq could be transferred to Europe.

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