Monday, January 30, 2006

Lost Journalists and the Vampires' new Slayers

Remember in The Lost Boys when Blood-lust overcomes mild mannered but creepy Max (Edward Herrmann) who was the Dianne Wiest's suitor in the film? Well, yesterday I watched Rusty, Tin of Creeps in the Press go at Senator Frist and attack him viciously on the "Blind Trust" issue and then even more savagely on the Terry Schiavo issue. My brother used to think Russert was o.k. because he was kinda friends with Rush Limbaugh (or least seemed to be nicer to him than the others in the MSM).

Dr. Frist did a terrific job defending himself on both accounts. I can't really comment on the first with any expertise as I'm not a CPA or CFP(certified financial planner) other than to say compared to NOLA Congressman William Jefferson it sounded reasonable. Jefferson, who is under investigation for bribes, held up the National Guard for several hours while cleaning out his house of "evidence" in the Katrina aftermath. After the National Guard armored carrier got stuck in his flooded front yard and a Coast Guard Helicopter was sent to his rescue he refused to be air lifted out as this would have necessitated leaving his box of goodies(evidence) at Home. I wonder if Jefferson was an intern at some point for Sandy the Burglar of the NSA during the cigar aficionado (not necessarily smoking) Clinton Presidency?

As a
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation(aka Physiatrist) Physician Dr. Frist's assessment that it was worth "taking another look at this Patient" when the parents wanted to care for her was so very appropriate. On a video(so often used in a US Courts of Law) this Physician saw a human being interacting with her family and he thought it would be prudent to reevaluate this Person's condition! Don't we use hidden cameras as security tools? Didn't Scotland Yard track down London's (Tube) Al Qaeda Bombers using Video? The bottom line is that Terry Schiavo's brain was damaged and therefore is decreased in size as a result of her injury. So what, aren't the brains of the Liberal Left tweaked, yet we do not STARVE them like they wanted done to Terry Schiavo. Children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Strokes and Spina Bifida have abnormal brains and central nervous systems! That scoundrel and inhumane Mr. Schiavo married his common law wife last week! Hello! Hello! Tin Rustier of Creeps in the Press.... He starved and dehydrated his lawfully wedded first wife!

Well, I have always been leery of Tin Rustier and since the 2004 election his mask has fallen off and his fangs are as long and lethal as the rest of the MSM's Journalists. I think he is the
Grand Vampire like Max(observe the arcing eyebrows) in the Lost Boys. You see Rusty, Tin served as counselor in New York Governor Mario Cuomo's office in Albany in 1983 to 1984 and was chief of staff to Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan from 1977 to 1982.

It would be great if Generalissimo Duane aka Radioblogger, producer extraordinaire of the Hugh Hewitt Show, would set a up a showdown interview with Tin Rustier so that the Journalistic Vampire Slayer aka "18" (Minutes) CTU(Celestial Truth Unit) Agent Hewitt, could push the wooden stake through his Liberal Bias like he has with J. Alder, J. Stein., M. Hiltzik, Dana Milbank and others. The latter are like the Vampire gang made of Keifer Sutherland that did Max's dirty work in Lost Boys. Lots of parallels available in this comparison.

Today we have a the equivalent of the wooden stake to defeat these Journalistic Vampires! The New Media comprised of Talk Radio, Cable News and the Blogosphere. This electronic Trinity has taken its tool on the MSM Journalistic Vampirism. The litmus test which drives these Vampires Crazy is the Question "Who did you vote for in the last Presidential Election?" This "Bush or Kerry" question is the equivalent of putting a Mirror in front of a Vampire...

Just as no reflection is seen in the mirror, no response is given by these MSM people. Speaking of the success on the GWOT to MSM people is like flashing a Crucifix, throwing Garlic or shining Sun Rays on them as they become all agitated and annoyed. Witness LA Crimes' writer Michael Hiltzik's on the Hugh Show:

  • HH: Did you vote for Bush or Kerry?
  • MH: None of your business.
  • HH: Well, why not? I mean, you just told us all your ideological things. It's like...I voted for Bush. There. Everyone knows that.
  • MH: Well, because voting is a private...well, there's a couple of reasons. First of all, to me, voting is a private ballot and a private decision. But there's something more important here, which is, you know, I think very key to your point of view, and what I think about your point of view. And that is that I don't really understand what it tells anybody. I mean, you just asked me a whole bunch of questions about how I feel about some specific issues. Well, arguably, that might be relevant to things I write about. But my vote for president? I mean, what makes you think that it tells you anything you need to know, or would even find useful?
  • audio link

LA Crimes'Joel Stein's ineptitude and ignorance is displayed when interviewed by Hewitt last week and suprisingly he turns out to be the evolutionary missing link or the duckbilled platypus of legacy journalism. In contrast to the old journalistic guards(oops I mean veterans) Hewitt has interviewed, Joel starts out as a kinda dumb or least unprepared and green. When the MSM Vampire Juniors become Seniors, and gain experience they become nasty and evasive like Oh Henry, Ed(CNN), Jonathan Alter, Michael Hiltzik, Dana Milbank(Washington Post).

The Wooden Stake for Journalistic Vampires has been discovered and the tip has been sharpened and plated with the Kryptonite of Reason and Truth! Hereafter this Stake will be known as the "Trinity of Cyberspace"
embodied by Talk Radio(including Rush and Hewitt's teamates Ingraham, Medved, Bennett, Prager & other Conservative hosts), Cable News(Fox News) and the Blogosphere!

Prayer, adherence to traditional moral values and New Media will help defeat these misguided journalists no matter how well intentioned, who have fallen prey to the Transnational Nilhilism rooted, in among other movements, the ill-conceived legacy of the antireligious philosophy which fueled "Europe's Age of Enlightenment"....


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